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Understanding Women’s Breast Health

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Image by Ed Yourdon
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Silly me: after the iPhone 3g had been out for a full week, I thought I could stroll right into the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue & 59th Street in mid-town Manhattan, and simply buy one without any muss, fuss, bother, or delay.

But when I arrived at 11 AM, I found a line of approximately 150 people waiting outside in the broiling sun, not seeming to move forward at all; it turned out that the Apple store "concierge" folks were letting them in in groups of ten, when the previous ten had been taken care of. When I asked the woman how long she had been waiting, she said, "Four hours" — she had arrived at 7 AM, having already determined that the AT&T stores were sold out throughout New Jersey and Connecticut.

Well, I’m a gadget freak and a Mac fan, but there’s a limit to my passion for such things; four hours was just too much. So instead, I decided to take a bunch of pictures of the people who were in the line. Of course, I have no idea whethere the people queued up in front of Apple stores in other cities (or at other stores here in NYC) are similar to this group … but I’m inclined to think that they are. And if that’s true, then the demographics of this group — in terms of age, gender, nationality, ethnic groups, etc. — is particularly intriguing. I saw only one guy dressed in a corporate uniform of suit and tie; Apple may be trying to break into the "enterprise" market, but that’s not who was standing in line for all those hours in the sun…

Cancer of a woman’s breast has the negative distinction of being the highest incident rate of cancer amongst women. Therefore, it is imperative that women’s breast health incorporate the following components to reduce the risk or early detection of breast cancer. Those important components include regular mammograms, breast exams by a professional and breast exams conducted by the woman herself.


An important part of the women’s breast health strategy that can aid in the possible early detection of breast cancer is mammograms. Mammograms are soft tissue examinations that are performed using x-ray technology. Through mammography, films are taken of the breasts and examined by radiologists for any abnormalities. If no abnormalities are found in the exam it is labeled as negative which means that there were no abnormal findings.

Women’s breast health care suggests that women, who are between the ages of 20 and 39, should receive a mammogram every three years. Those women who are 40 years of age or older should have an annual mammogram conducted.

Professional Breast Exams

In addition to having regularly scheduled mammograms, as part of the women’s breast health care plan, women should have their breasts examined by their doctor on a regular basis. The doctor will simply conduct a physical exam of the breasts with the purpose being to detect any possible abnormal growths within the glands.

Professional breast exams should be conducted by a physician once every three years. This recommended length of time is part of the women’s breast health strategy for women who are from the ages of 20 to 39. Those women who are 40 years old and over should have this type of exam conducted yearly.


Probably the most important exam conducted as part of the women’s breast health program is self exams. This type of exam puts the responsibility squarely upon the woman’s shoulders and makes her accountable for the health of her breasts.

There are many techniques that can be performed as part of the self examination of the breast. As part of your learning curve, it would be appropriate to talk with your personal physician and learn about self examination. Critical information, in women’s breast health, is knowing the different feel between possible growths and the feel of normal breast tissue.

One of the easiest methods of breast examination is by simply looking at your breasts. While standing in front of a mirror, with the upper part of your body exposed, clasp both of your hands behind your head. Women’s breast health will visually looking for any changes in the shape or dimensions of the breasts. In addition, the self examining woman should check for any indentations of the skin or inverted nipples. Another indication to watch out for is any crusting or rashes of the breast and/or nipples.

One other self exam that can be conducted as part of a women’s breast health effort is the actual feeling of the breasts. Two specific methods that can be utilized are the circular method and the grid method.

The circular method utilizes the hand that is opposite of the breast that is to be examined. The starting point for this exam is at the very top of the breast being examined. Using the first three fingers of your hand press gently and begin to move the fingers in a circular motion around your breast. This process should examine the entire top half of the breast and work towards the nipple. Using this technique all portions of the breast should be examined. The second breast should be examined in the same manner.

The technique of the grid method, as part of the women’s breast health examination, has its starting point near the breast bone. Utilizing your fingertips examine the entire area of the breast by moving the fingers from the top part of the breast downward. The exam will be completed once the entire breast has been examined using this method.

Additional Instructions

There are certain times of the month that breast examinations should not be conducted. Those times are two to three days following your menstruation cycle. Other areas of examination, as part of the women’s breast health care, should include the upper portion of your breast near the armpit. In addition, it is important to feel the armpit area as well to detect any swelling of the lymph nodes.

One additional area to check for lymph node swelling is the area situated just above the collarbone or clavicle. If you detect any abnormalities or areas of concern it is important that you see your attending physician immediately.

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The Relationship Between Women’s Health And Hysterectomies

Image from page 437 of “Plain home talk about the human system–the habits of men and women–the cause and prevention of disease–our sexual relations and social natures” (1896)
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Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: plainhometalkabo00foot
Title: Plain home talk about the human system–the habits of men and women–the cause and prevention of disease–our sexual relations and social natures
Year: 1896 (1890s)
Authors: Foote. Edward B[liss], 1829-1906. [from old catalog]
Subjects: Medicine, Popular Marriage
Publisher: New York : Murray Hill publishing company [etc., etc.]
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nd it is by this ar-rangement that the whites of theeyes in health preserve their clear-ness, and the lenses are enrichedby colorless blood, for otherwisethe vision would be obstructed byspecks, spots, patches, etc., even inhealth. With the foregoing brief descrip-tion of some of the mechanical ar-rangements of the eyes, it may bereadily seen how inflammation orany undue pressure of blood uponthe organs of vision and their immediate surroundings, will interferewith the proper performance of their functions. When inflamed,red, feverish corpuscles enter the veins; they redden the sclerotic orwhite of the eye; they distend the veins of the eyelids and liningsof the sockets; they vitiate the secretions of the lachrymal glands,or reservoirs over the eyes, making them scalding in their properties;they dry up or make gluey the oily secretions of the glands along theedges of the eyelids, and also those which keep the eyelashes frombecoming matted or stuck together. When all these derangements

Text Appearing After Image:
OPHTIIALMY. CHRONIC SORE EYES. 425 take place a person lias what are commonly called sore eyes, andtechnically, ophthalmy. When the difficulty survives the immediatecause which precipitated it, whether that immediate cause he coldor catarrh, or something getting into the eye, or local infection, orcontusion, or, if it comes on gradually without any known immediatecause, it may be called chronic sore eyes, or chronic ophthalmy. Sore eyes induced by a ccld may simply present an inflamed andswollen appearance, with a profusion of water, and sensitiveness tolight; induced by catarrh, similar symptoms with an exudation ofunwholesome mucus; induced by something entering the eye, sore-ness, and sometimes great pain attended with an excessive flow ofthe lachrymal fluid; induced by contusion, similar symptoms tothose just described; but when induced by infection such as leucor-rhceal or gonorrheal or syphilitic matter, or perpetuated by scrofulousor syphilitic impurities in the blood, the disc

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Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.

A radical surgery that is sometimes performed on women who have uterine fibroids, endometriosis, cancer of the reproductive organs, pelvic adhesions, or heavy bleeding is a hysterectomy. Hyster is the Greek word for womb and ectomy means removal, therefore a hysterectomy is the removal of the womb.

Women’s health and hysterectomies are intrinsically linked together. Not only are there the physical ramifications involved with the need for hysterectomy, but when the hysterectomy is performed there are certain issues that need to be addressed in maintaining a woman’s physical health. One of those issues would be the replacement of female hormones.

In addition, women’s health and hysterectomies would also need to address the emotional and mental responses to the loss of the woman’s reproductive system. In learning about the relationship between women’s health and hysterectomies it is important to know what is a hysterectomy, the variations of hysterectomies and the possible associated health affects following the procedure.

What is a Hysterectomy?

A hysterectomy is a surgical procedure that removes the womb or uterus of a woman. The uterus is the female organ that nourishes and protects the fetus.

In addition, depending upon the extent of the medical condition of the female, other organs of the female reproductive system may need to be removed. These other organs may include the woman’s cervix, ovaries and fallopian tubes.

It is important to note that once a hysterectomy has been performed, the ability of the woman to conceive a child is impossible. Women’s health and hysterectomies are, unfortunately, connected in that this is one of the most common medical operations performed. In some countries is estimated that one out of three women, who are 60 years of age or older, will have had the surgical procedure.

Types Of Hysterectomies

There are many variations of hysterectomies that can be performed. The recommendation of the surgeon as to which course of action to take, when considering women’s health and hysterectomies, is dependent upon the individual woman’s condition.

The various types of hysterectomies include a total hysterectomy which is the complete removal of the uterus and cervix. A sub total hysterectomy is the removal of the upper part of the uterus. A radical hysterectomy is the complete removal of the uterus, cervix, upper portion of the vagina and pelvic lymph nodes.

Health Effects

An important consideration regarding women’s health and hysterectomies is the care needed and required following the surgical procedure. Depending upon which procedure has been performed; recovery time may be as little as two to four day stay in the hospital followed by a two to three week recovery period with limited activity. Full recovery should be realized around the two month timeframe following surgery.

Also, when considering women’s health and hysterectomies, it is important to note that there may be difficulties experienced following this surgery. Those complications may include urinary difficulties, general malaise accompanied with vomiting, infection and bleeding. Thus, it is important for women to take care of themselves during such a time.

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About Women’s Health and Pregnancy

Camp Women 3
woman health
Image by mknobil

There is no normal, healthy condition as stressful and dangerous as pregnancy. Many parts of a woman’s normal lifestyle can become a health risk when a woman is pregnant. Every woman should see her doctor as soon as possible when she suspects she may be pregnant and she should follow the doctor’s suggestions; maintain good nutrition and much more.

The good thing is that usually, the things a pregnant woman gives up are bad for her and the things she needs to do are good for her. Usually, women’s health and pregnancy go hand in hand.

Health Times Two

A woman who expects to become pregnant should already be living a healthy lifestyle. Smoking is possibly the worst thing for women’s health and pregnancy. Smoking increases a woman’s risk of heart disease, lung disease and can adversely affect just about every physical system in the body. Don’t wait until you are pregnant to quit. You wouldn’t invite a stranger into a smoke-filled home, don’t do it to your child. Begin your prenatal vitamin regimen as soon as possible including folic acid and iron.

And remember, the vitamins are all the “eating for two” you need to do for quite a while. Avoid toxic substances. Even paint fumes can be harmful to women’s health and pregnancy. Don’t eat undercooked meats or clean up after your cat while pregnant. Toxoplasmosis is very dangerous to an unborn baby. Increase your hand washing, too.

Weight gain is normal during pregnancy. If you are over – or underweight normally, you may need to consult a nutritionist during your pregnancy to monitor your weight gain and diet. If morning sickness is a problem, try eating six small meals instead of three large ones. Don’t let the queasy feelings make you skip too many meals.

Medication can be a problem during pregnancy. If you have a chronic disorder that requires medication, consult your doctor as soon as possible – even before becoming pregnant if possible. Sometimes women’s health and pregnancy become a tradeoff temporarily. That goes for over the counter medications, too. Check with your doctor before taking pain killers or cold medication. Cold medication can contain alcohol which is harmful to the baby. That also means cutting out alcoholic beverages while pregnant and nursing. Consult your doctor about physical activity.

Usually, the amount and type of exercise that was normal prior to pregnancy will be safe during at least most of the pregnancy. New types of exercise should be monitored by your doctor. By taking the sensible precautions, women’s health and pregnancy can get along just fine.

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Jen Selter -5 years transformation to be Fitness Model- Woman’s Health


Beauty Fitness Model .
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Beautyful Fitness Model

Jennifer Selter 22 years old

Height: 168 cm (5’6 )
Weight: 57 kg (126 lbs)
Bra/Bust Size: 10B | 32B
Waist Size: 58 cm | 23 in
Hip Size: 91 cm | 36 in
Visit Her : https://www.instagram.com/jenselter/

She’s not a singular phenomenon: fitness fanatics and semi-anonymous physique models (almost always women) are as integral to Instagram as shots of toes, sunsets, and brunches served on tables made of reclaimed wood. There are hard bodies, like @FollowtheLita, and softer bodies, like Selter’s favorite, @AshleySky. Yogis are their own special subset.
Caitlin Turner, aka @gypsetgoddess, a yogi with over 120,000 followers (who says she’s also a @jenselter fan), says, “Living a fit lifestyle has become a huge phenomenon in our society, so it’s not surprising that it has also become a phenomenon on Instagram. People love to feel inspired, and the yogis of Instagram are definitely an inspiring and friendly group.”
Selter says that she, too, is in it for the inspiration, and her rear is just an end to that end. She is savvy enough to know that a shot of her (admittedly very cute) dog only snags a few hundred new follows, and that doesn’t really help the 20-year-old’s overall goal: to motivate people to be healthy and fit. “Motivate” comes up many times in conversation with Selter.
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Still, “It’s so crazy. I never expected [my following] to get as high as it did. When my friends graduated from high school, I went to cosmetology school for makeup, and on the side I was working at a gym. And I’ve always been a social media freak. The computer, tumblr, facebook, et cetera,” she explains by phone from New York City, where she is the spokesperson for a fitness company called Gameplan Nutrition (a gig, soon to be followed by her own line of workout clothes, courtesy of her immense social-media success)
From all the working out at the gym job, she explains, her butt began to plump up. As a teenager, she hadn’t considered herself model-y or a workout fanatic, and nobody had commented on her backside being remarkable. She was a self-proclaimed computer nerd who found college to be “a waste of time unless you know what you want to do.” And Selter seemed to know what she wanted to do.Related: A Body for SIN: My Week as a V.I.P. Gym Rat
“I noticed that fitness was a big thing on Instagram. So I made an account called @motivationforfitness. I would post random motivated people working out, because I love motivating quotes, and people working out.Then she created a tumblr, toofit2quit (which has since become jenselter), where she posted pictures of herself. More established fitness accounts began reblogging her photos without credit, so she reached out to each person and site to ask that they link back to her, and the magic began to happen.
Though the @jenselter account is her main stage, @motivationforfitness now has 329,000 followers, and her Facebook fan page has 486,111 likes. Once her personal handle hit 300,000 followers, sponsorship and “shout-out” offers piled up, from companies like Nike, Lululemon and New Balance (to name three of her favorites). Though Selter declines to put exact figures on-record, she can make thousands for a simple selfie by the barbells. Her sole concern is not money, though.
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Source : https://www.instagram.com/jenselter/
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Music: A Great Component to Women’s Health and Wellness

The Beth Chatto Gardens – A Little Bit of Light Releaf!
woman health
Image by antonychammond
One of the greats of British gardening, Beth Chatto OBE has entered the realm of national treasuredom. Plants-woman, designer, author, 10-time gold-medal winner at Chelsea, holder of the Royal Horticultural Society’s Victoria Medal of Honour and, of course, the owner of the celebrated Beth Chatto Gardens at Elmstead Market, near Colchester, in Essex – her horticultural skills seem boundless. With the concept of “right plant, right place” – in other words, put a plant in conditions close to its natural habitat and it will thrive without help – running as a thread throughout her career, she has inspired a generation of gardeners to take their lead from nature.

The garden has been the inspiration for many of her influential books, including The Dry Garden (1978), The Damp Garden (1992) and Beth Chatto’s Gravel Garden (2000). It was created on land that was previously part of a fruit farm, owned by her late husband, Andrew, 14 years her senior, whom she married in 1943. “We met during the war,” she says. “I was a schoolgirl of about 17, considering going to college.”

A scholarly man, who died in 1999 after suffering from emphysema for 25 years, Andrew devoted much of his life to research into plant habitats. Chatto says it was he who inspired her interest in gardening and refers to him frequently, modestly deferring to his superior knowledge. “He’s such an important influence in my life,” she says. “My parents were keen, but they had a conventional garden, using mostly cultivars.”

The couple lived initially in his parents’ in Colchester, but in the late 1950s moved to a modernist house they’d built on the edge of the farm – where Chatto still lives today. Even inside, the garden is a constant presence. Large windows frame views and vignettes of the planting on every side and invite a tapestry of textures, colours and shapes into the house.

Chatto credits her husband almost entirely for her success. “My two daughters were teenagers before I began to think about making a business,” she says. “Andrew had looked after us and given me the security and freedom to experiment.” Her husband’s failing health and the trials of running a fruit farm concentrated her mind on developing the garden commercially, though what we see today took time to emerge.

“For the first seven or eight years, much of the land was a wilderness,” she recalls. Yet there were assets, too, not least a rare natural water source in the drought-prone east of Essex, where rainfall can be as little as 20in a year. “There were a few fine 300-year-old oaks and a spring-fed ditch ran through the hollow.” Today, the ornamental gardens cover about five acres; a further 10 are occupied by the nursery, which opened in 1967, and working areas.

Finding water was not the only challenge. “There was land that was so dry, the native weeds curled up and died. That eventually became my gravel garden,” she says. This she created in 1991, on the site of a car park. Apart from watering in the young, drought-tolerant plants during the first year, she has never artificially irrigated it.

Chatto has a knack for turning problem areas into an asset, and there are several distinct areas in the garden, each requiring a different approach. The large water gardens are dominated by a series of ponds surrounded by bog plants and swathes of lush grass. A long, shady walk runs parallel to one of the boundaries. Here, shade-tolerant planting – including ferns, tiarella and pulmonaria – carpet the ground beneath oaks and other specimen trees added by Chatto. By contrast, the gravel area is a mass of sun-loving perennials, with asters, rudbeckias and sedums glowing through hazy grasses.

The garden may have started out to give pleasure to a family, but it has developed into a self-contained horticultural powerhouse, attracting visitors from all over the world – about 40,000 a year. “It’s like sowing an acorn, which is my symbol,” says Chatto. “I have an acorn and an oak tree on a weather vane, which was a wonderful present from my staff.” Incredibly, it is tended by only one full-time and four part-time gardeners and volunteers – many of whom are foreign students. Chatto remains resolutely hands-on and is keen to pass on the knowledge she has gained through experience.

Chatto uses grasses brilliantly, and was doing so long before it became fashionable. She creates seemingly effortless but thoroughly satisfying combinations. Therein lies her genius – there may be others out there with an equal understanding of plants, but nobody else has her eye. Shape, scale, proportion, texture, colour – all are balanced with the skill of a plate-spinner.

She also factors in horticultural considerations – how big a plant will get, how fast or slowly it will grow, what conditions it needs to thrive and how it is maintained. The result is a garden that works on every level – practical, horticultural and aesthetic – with layer upon layer of carefully placed plants, as enticing asmillefeuillepastry. It all seems entirely uncontrived, but, on closer inspection, one notices geometric lines and angles. The big picture is built up gradually, with small groupings of three or more plants forming a satisfying melange of verticals and horizontals, and fluffy and solid plants. “I need the trees and shrubs to form a background, to paint the sky and lead the eye upwards towards the clouds,” Chatto explains. “Then one adds the embroidery, which I enjoy so much.” Nothing is allowed to get out of hand, but stagnation is not an option, either. “A garden is not a picture hanging on a wall,” she says. “It changes not only from hour to hour, week to week or month to month, but from year to year.”

Chatto has certainly noticed the effects of climate change. Drought is nothing new in her part of the world, where (the past two years aside) there is sometimes no rain for up to 10 weeks in the summer. “The most interesting change is the lack of cold weather,” she says. “Only 10 years ago, we had icicles hanging down, and when the children were little, they used to skate. Now we hardly have enough ice to bear a duck.” From an article by Rachel de Thame

Please visit www.bethchatto.co.uk/ for further information about this inspirational gardener and garden.

Whether you are a man or a woman, it is normal to undergo mood changes, depending on the situation at hand. However, women often go through hormonal changes, and these hormonal changes can make them feel invincible at times, and hopeless during other times. Thus, when it comes to promoting effective women’s health and wellness, it is important to note that music can do wonders for a woman’s mood.

The Effect Classical Music has on Women’s Health and Wellness

Has anyone ever stopped to wonder why classical music is often played at upper-end stores and restaurants? No, it is not just an indication of a status symbol, but rather it is to promote relaxation and a pleasurable dining or shopping experience.

Classical music also does wonders for women in the workplace or attending an academic institution. It serves as the ideal background music for someone who is getting some paperwork done, or for someone who is studying. Classical music’s main contribution to women’s health and wellness is that because it is mostly instrumental music in repetitious rhythms, it can soothe the mind without distracting a woman from what she needs to get done at the same time.

Popular Music and Women’s Health and Wellness

As wonderful as classical music is for those who want to de-stress, popular music is ideal for women who just want to let their worries fade away through a song with a good beat. For those women who need a quick way to take their mind off of their troubles for a bit, try turning on the radio to a popular music station that has a dance song on. Then, just let loose and dance around, or maybe even sing (this should be done in moderation if the woman is at work!).

Women’s Health and Wellness and the Virtuoso

For those women who are lucky enough to be able to play a musical instrument, there is no better way to de-stress than by composing a song or just sitting down and playing the instrument for a while. This is not only a great way to let out some anger, frustration, or any other emotion that is affecting the woman, it is also a wonderful way to creatively de-stress.

Music is About Choices

Whether a woman decides to go to a concert, listen to music on a radio, or play her own music, she should recognize that music is about so much more than entertainment. Music is a healthy and creative way to express emotions that might not be as easily expressed otherwise. Thus, women of all ages and backgrounds should embrace the healing powers of music.

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Women’s Health Clinics: Dignified and Personal Experiences

Displaced Women
woman health
Image by UNAMID Photo
26 January 2010 – Shangel Tubaya: Around 3.000 new Internal Displaced People (IDP) came two months ago from 30 different towns (betwen North and South Darfur) to settle down in Shangel Tubaya. Most of them are women and children and their men are fighting in their villages. Women from rival tribes life in the same IDP camp while their husbands are killing to each other. The life conditions are really hard (few water points, no food, no health, houses made with branches and plastic…) and the IDP leaders claim for aid to UN agencies and NGO´s. Picture: UNAMID – Albert Gonzalez Farran

Women’s health is a peculiar thing. While each woman is very unique and has her own ideas of what is and is not right for her body, there is a lot of talk politically and religiously speaking about what a woman should and should not do with her body. While it seems that everyone, everywhere wants to chime in about these things, it is still well within the rights of a woman to have her health be the personalized and dignified health experience that it should be. Luckily, there are women’s health clinics that will provide all of the service, information and education that is needed when making potentially life changing decisions.

When dealing with abortion, women need a health clinic experience that isn’t just about collecting a payment and getting in and out as quickly as possible. Instead, these experiences start with counseling. The most successful women’s health clinics treat the women with respect. They talk to the women about what they are thinking and feeling. Abortion is an emotional decision for most women, so being in a caring environment with someone who knows who they are talking about and what they are doing, can provide the woman with a lot of consolation and information that they are doing the best thing for themselves.

Women can also be educated about the difference between surgical and non surgical abortions. Pregnancies can be terminated in both ways, but there are different reasons and different requirements in terms of timing that need to be considered. While being educated in counseling, the woman can learn about the different methods of termination, so she knows what her options may be, and what each option entails. The level of education and support is important, so that a woman knows exactly what is happening with her body and she’ll also know what her options are and why those options are the best for her particular situation.

Women who receive all of this information in a constructive and supportive setting are more likely to end up making the decision that is right for them. There is no pressure, just straight forward information that allows them to make decisions based not just on emotion or information that they have heard from a friend or family member, so they are able to come to a conclusion that will give them the most peace of mind.

Women’s clinics that can provide this well rounded, respectful and education are out there and will help women from all walks of life. Clinics are there to provide health services to women who need them, and to educate them about their bodies so that they can remain as healthy as possible, and so they can choose to carry children to term, if they want, that will be happy and healthy. An educated women is always a happier, healthier woman, and they are judgment free, allowing a woman to get the information she needs, as well as the services she needs to live the life she has envisioned for herself.

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