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Women’s Health Specialists Offer the Care Women Need

Coming to Term
woman health
Image by DES Daughter
Uncovering the Truth about Miscarriage.

Approaching the topic from a reporter’s perspective, Cohen takes us on an intriguing journey into the laboratories and clinics of researchers at the front, weaving together their cutting-edge findings with intimate portraits of a dozen families who have had difficulty bringing a baby to term. Couples who seek medical help for miscarriage often encounter conflicting information about the causes of pregnancy loss and ways to prevent it. Cohen’s investigation synthesizes the latest scientific findings and unearths some surprising facts. We learn, for example, that nearly seven out of ten women who have had three or more miscarriages can still carry a child to term without medical intervention. Cohen also scrutinizes the full array of treatments, showing readers how to distinguish promising new options from the useless or even dangerous ones.

"Coming to Term" is the first book to turn a journalistic spotlight on a subject that has remained largely in the shadows. With an unrelenting eye and the compassion that comes from personal experience, Jon Cohen offers a message that is both enlightening and unexpectedly hopeful.

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The changes women experience as they go through the different stages of their lives each require special care. From adolescence to the childbearing years, to pre-menopause and menopause, each stage brings with it special needs often requiring the medical attention of several different doctors and specialists. Although this was the traditional way of women having their many needs met, today’s medical care has changed for women with the services of women’s health specialists.

The Philosophy of Women’s Health Specialists

The modern woman’s healthcare demands have changed drastically in recent years. Today’s women have the advantage of receiving specialized medical care for treating conditions that once were simply accepted by women. Kansas women’s health specialists are experts in each stage of a woman’s life, and believe in treating the whole woman through every stage, advancing the health of women. Using only the latest in medical technology as well as providing their services in a comfortable environment, these doctors believe in providing excellent and innovative care, with understanding and compassion for each patient. Each woman is given individualized attention to meet all her medical needs, whether it is gynecological, obstetric or urogynecological.

Services Provided

Women’s health specialists offer patients a full range of medical services, which include routine examinations, birth control, pregnancy care, midwives, delivery of babies, hysterectomies and other surgical procedures, as well as urinary incontinence treatment and pediatric and adolescent gynecology. These doctors also provide services, information and counseling on health issues such as infertility, menopause, PMS, pelvic pain and sexual difficulties. Some women’s health specialists also offer the convenience of in-office mammograms, hair removal and weight loss treatment.

The Advantages of Having a Woman’s Health Specialist

Doctors who specialize in healthcare for women know the importance of taking time to meet with their patients and answer all questions that concern them. These doctors are especially sensitive to women’s needs and believe in treating patients with respect and the special attention each patient deserves. Another important advantage of having a women’s health specialist is the personal relationship that is formed between doctors and patients throughout each stage of the patient’s life. These services offer the patient a personal healthcare team who is well aware of any previous problems, concerns or treatments the patient has experienced, enabling them to provide better medical care throughout the years. Women’s healthcare specialists are leading the way in which healthcare for women is changing, providing improved and personal care for each woman.

Author is a freelance copywriter. For more information about Kansas womens health specialists, please visit http://www.lifescript.com/doctor-directory/index.aspx.

Gynecologist and women health

Soray gets a check up at a local medical health clinic
woman health
Image by World Bank Photo Collection
10 May 2012, Tajikhan Village, Jabalseraj District Parwan Province, Afghanistan : Twenty two year old Soraya is checked by Muzhda, a mid wife at the Sar-e-Hause medical health clinic. "We had fireworks every day." she says..The clinic is funded by the Strengthening Health Activities for Rural Poor Project (SHARP). SHARP aims to improve the health and nutrition status of Afghans, focusing especially on women and children and the underserved areas of the country. Already remarkable progress has been made in the reduction of infant and under five mortality as well as pregnancy related mortality. With World Bank support in 11 provinces the number of health clinics has nearly tripled from 148 to 432 and about 85% of the population now lives in districts which now have service providers to deliver a basic package of health service. The project supports Afghanistan’s Health and Nutrition Sector Strategy which is the governments blueprint for the health sector program for the period 2008-13. Photo: Graham Crouch / World Bank

Photo ID: 100512_Parwan Health Clinic_SHARP_016

Doctors living angles
Doctors are the living angels. They give their whole life to serve people. They studied hard day and night to achieve their degree. Doctors deal with different branches of problems of human beings. Gynecology is the branch that deals with the woman problems. Gynecology is a very old branch of medicine dated back to about 1800 B.C. Still this branch is working and introducing more and more new technologies to cure woman suffering from many different gynecological problems.
Gynecologist has miracle power
Every woman should visit her gynecologist annually. A gynecologist is a doctor especially for women. They deal with all the gynecological problems of woman such as pregnancy, contraceptives, pelvic problems, reproductive system, and breast cancer etc.
A professional degree of gynecologist
When gynecologists step toward their profession they have to complete the post graduate diploma in Obs & Gyn. After that they can do more specializations in their field.
A woman has to deal with gynecological problems starting from the early age of 12 or 13 when she starts with her menstruation cycle then traveling through various states of her life may get pregnant, deliver children and a time comes when she goes through menopause.
Sometimes, woman have to visit the gynecologist for other reason such as infertility, pelvic problems, cervical problems, cancerous cyst in uterus and many more.
Importance of gynecologist
Gynecologist are very important. Every woman should have an annual visit with her gynecologist. Still in many countries society does not consider gynecology an important factor, but they are ignorant with the importance of gynecologist. Here are some of the times when gynecologists are very important such as:
* Pregnancy
* Vaginal abnormalities
* Abnormal Menstrual Cycles
* Sex/Fertility
* Menopause

Why it is important to have a gynecologist?
It is very important to have a gynecologist because:
* Gynecologist understand women
* Gynecologist can suggest healthy diet changes
* Gynecologist specialize in gynecological problems
* Gynecologist specialize in healthy pregnancy and delivery of your children
* Gynecologist understands the changing bodies of women and may suggest a diet plan appropriate with a women’s life cycle.
When woman have to visit a gynecologist?
Many women dread going to the gynecologist. Many women only see the gynecologist when they are experiencing gynecological problems such as these:
* Pubirty/Menstration.
* Irregular menstrual cycle
* Unusual bleeding or pain associated with her menstrual period
* If a woman has heavy periods, the gynecologist may suggest a new procedure called nova sure.
* Pregnancy
* Annual Well Woman exams
* If a woman has abnormal pelvic pain
* Abnormal discharge
* If woman has breast pain
* A woman can visit her gynecologist for advice on her changing body and a diet plan.
* Menopause
Gynecologists add to the overall benefits of women’s health.

Find more information relating to endometriosis, and gynecologist here.

More Woman Health Articles

For Women In Texas, Heart Health Means Taking Action

It’s Beautiful, Healthy, Tasty and Nutritious
woman health
Image by Woody Collins
As I drove across Kansas twice in the past week, I thought it was only favorite for the Wizard of Oz. A number of billboards played up this Kansas’ connection. Also, I begin to notice the publicity about its official state flower, the sunflower. And, I saw strange crops growing in their fields. One, I incorrectly identified as hops. But the other was the familiar sunflower.

I saw a sunflower plant going in village of Bulape, Congo this summer. I thought it was beautiful and provided a unique foreground for a picture of Mama Sylvie, Mama Rose, and Mama Jackie. I never thought about the sunflower as an agricultural crop. BUT now I know better.

I will do some followup work to find out if these Congolese women know about the other attributes of the sunflower and its seeds. The seed oil is healthy. The seeds are a tasty and nutritious snack, too.

Sunflower could can help fight the poverty.

Kansas Sunflower Commission. "While the vibrant, strong sunflower is a recognized worldwide for its beauty, it is also an important source of food. Sunflower oil is a valued and healthy vegetable oil and sunflower seeds are enjoyed as a healthy, tasty snack and nutritious ingredient to many foods.

Sunflower is an important agricultural crop choice for US producers in the northern plains of the Dakotas to the panhandle of Texas."


For women in Texas, notably but not exclusively in the larger cities of Dallas, Houston and Austin, health is an ongoing concern, as it is in other areas of the country. One of the biggest health issues is one that’s closest to the heart. Quite literally.

The fact is, heart disease is responsible for the death of more American women under the age of 45 than any other single disease, including breast cancer. Whether someone has health insurance or not, more than half a million women a year die from heart disease. And more than 60% of those had no previous symptoms.

When a woman does find herself suffering from heart disease, she’s less likely than a man to receive aggressive medical treatment, according to the American Heart Association. She’s also more likely than a man to die from heart disease: 38% of women (compared with 25% of men) will die within one year following a heart attack.

While two risk factors — the aging process itself and a family history of heart disease — aren’t something a woman can change, others can be changed.

Smoking is one area that can tip the scales in favor of a woman, as far as risk of heart disease is concerned. With numerous support programs available, in cities such as Houston, Dallas and Austin and throughout Texas, a woman wanting to quit smoking is well-equipped to do so, with the healthful benefits to follow.
And more and more people are deciding to quit, the overall number of adult smokers having decreased during the last 20 years.

Unfortunately, the number of teenage girls that are taking up the habit is actually increasing, which is a reason for concern. Smoking lowers levels of good cholesterol, which increases the risk of heart disease. And cigarette smoking combined with the use of birth control pills has also been shown to increase the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Another factor that contributes to heart disease is high blood pressure or hypertension. Left untreated, the condition makes the heart work harder, speeds up hardening of the arteries (known as atherosclerosis) and increases the risk of heart attack, stroke and kidney failure. While high blood pressure can sometimes occur during pregnancy, it usually goes away after childbirth. Although high blood pressure cannot be cured, doctors say it can be controlled with diet, exercise, and, if necessary, medicines.

Cholesterol levels are another risk factor when it comes to heart disease, and women in general have higher cholesterol levels than men due to the positive effect of estrogen on HDL, one of the most important predictors of cardiovascular health, according to a study in the American Journal of Cardiology. In short, the higher the level of HDL cholesterol, the less likely a woman is to have a heart attack or stroke. Once a woman goes through menopause, however, HDL levels tend to drop, increasing the risk of heart disease. HDL and LDL cholesterol levels can be improved by diet, exercise and, in some cases, cholesterol-lowering medicines.

Want more out of life? One way is to become less of a person, at least so far as your weight is concerned. Obesity is certainly a strong predictor for heart disease, but where the weight settles is also an important factor. The Texas Heart Institute, based at Houston’s St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital, says women who have a lot of fat around the waist are at greater risk than those who have fat around the hips. A plan of diet and exercise approved by a doctor is the best way to safely lose weight.

Yet another area of health concern in women at risk for heart disease is diabetes. A correlation between obesity, physical inactivity and high cholesterol levels may be part of the reason, but studies show that women with diabetes have a higher risk of death from cardiovascular disease than men with diabetes do. Proper management of diabetes is, therefore, even more important to women, throughout Texas and elsewhere.

Birth control pills may also pose an increased cardiovascular risk for women, especially those with other risk factors such as smoking. Researchers believe birth control pills raise blood pressure and blood sugar levels in some women and also increase the risk of blood clots, risks which increase as women get older. The advice of some: communicate with your doctor about any other cardiovascular risk factors that might exist, before taking birth control pills.

Drinking alcohol on an excessive basis is another risk factor when it comes to heart disease in women, notably in terms of its contribution to obesity and the raising of triglyceride and blood pressure levels, all factors which can cause heart failure and lead to stroke. While some studies have shown that the risk of heart disease in those who drink moderate amounts of alcohol can be lower than among those who do not drink alcohol, it doesn’t mean those who do not drink should start or that those who do drink alcohol should increase the amount they drink. For women, a moderate amount of alcohol is considered to be one drink per day.

Hopefully, none of this is adding to your levels of stress, which is, itself, considered to be a contributing risk factor for both men and women. While researchers are as yet unclear about the relationship to heart disease, stress can lead to other risk factors such as smoking and overeating.

For women in particular, heart disease can be a significant health concern. Thankfully, there are things that anyone can do to reduce that risk. Yet even then, knowing that various options exist can be something of value.

Pat Carpenter writes for Precedent Insurance Company. Precedent puts a new spin on health insurance. Learn more at Precedent.com

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Health Insurance For Pregnant Women

My Virginia
woman health
Image by DES Daughter
by Darci Picoult

A deeply affecting and genuinely funny journey through the medical juggernaut of DES, and anti-miscarriage drug given to millions of pregnant women and later discovered to cause cancer and reproductive problems in their children. Writer Darci Picoult, as journalist and DES daughter reveals the strength of mothers and daughters fighting together for their lives with guts, humor and love.

On Amazon – on Waterstones

Our posts about Darci Picoult and Women’s Health
More about DESDES-exposedDES videos

Even though everyone should ideally possess Health Insurance, when dealing with pregnant woman this becomes a necessity, as two (or more) lives are a stake here. Clearly in every pregnancy there is a risk of complications and many things that can go wrong, thus, it is absolutely essential that a pregnant woman is regularly seen by a physician, to monitor the state of the pregnancy, as well as offer useful advice and guidance.

Sadly, there is a large number of pregnant women who do not possess health insurance. This is not only dangerous to their own well being, but also risks the health of their offspring. Studies have shown that children born to women who have not been periodically checked by a doctor are more likely to have low birth weight, as well as higher incidents of death.

Getting an insurance while pregnant has become significant today because of the towering cost of health insurance in the United States. According to the American Health Association, 41 million Americans are not insured, and around 13% of pregnant women in the country do not possess any form of health insurance. This puts these women and their unborn children at risk.

Furthermore, if a pregnant woman does wish to be regularly checked, even without health insurance, this could become a very expensive procedure. Prenatal checkups are very expensive, and hospital and delivery charges could easily cost more than $ 10,000. If there are any complications (i.e. premature birth, cesarean section surgery), the costs could become significantly larger. Thus, it is absolutely crucial for a pregnant woman to obtain health insurance.

One obstacle that uninsured pregnant women face is that most companies simply do not accept them, on the grounds that the pregnant is a pre-existing condition. Although there are ways to overcome this (which we will shortly discuss), ideally if you are an uninsured woman who intends to get pregnant soon, please obtain health insurance beforehand. This may save a lot of grief (and worse) later on. The following are a few useful and practical tips on how uninsured women may obtain health insurance:

First, shop around, search the internet, for health insurance companies who can provide pregnancy health coverage and discounted health care coverage. These days it is easy to get free instant quotes from multiple providers online. Some may very well be more affordable than others.

Second, there are some federally funded programs that can offer health insurance for low income people, and this includes pregnant women. Medicaid, for example, enables an uninsured pregnant woman to obtain health insurance coverage. It is important to state that some states have specialized programs for this purpose: if you are in such a situation, it would be a good idea to investigate and see whether your state offers such a program.

Third, check with other agencies. For example, WIC is a federal agency that enables low income women and children under 5 to obtain health services.

Finally, if despite all the obstacles you find yourself with several potential health insurance plans at your disposal, make sure you pick the one that addresses all the issues that may be relevant for you. For example, a hospital-only plan will not cover visits to a doctor’s office.

Tom Harkenshire has been dealing for decades with Health Insurance . In this article he discussed the necessity of obtaining health insurance for pregnant women, and offered ways for an uninsured woman to get health insurance. To read more articles that will help you better comprehend Health Insurance processes, visit his site, The Guide To Health.

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Women health check up, female medical check up, women medical check up

woman health
Image by Walt Stoneburner
Leah as a nurse

Women have special health needs at every stage in their lives. Thus, special medical care is required for females at different times in their life especially during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. In order to stay well protected, they must undergo through certain health check up for women.

Here are some of the importance women medical check up to get regularly:

1. For General Health – Routine tests – like complete blood count, blood sugar, liver profile, routine urine, blood pressure, body weight, body mass index, screening for infections etc. are to be done on a regular basis as per the health check up for women.

2. Against Cancer – Pap tests every two years is a must, starting at age 21. This screening test is used to look for of possible cervical cancer. It should be conducted every two years till age 70. Cervical cancer is the only cancer with a vaccine available and all females of reproductive age should take it. Health check at 40 is mainly to screen for cancers. It is also part of the medical tests for women over 50.The signs of cancer if caught early on, can be successfully treated in the early stages. It is especially important if the women has a family history of cancer. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting women and therefore regular mammograms should be included in the health check up for women.

3. For Reproductive Health – Health check at the age of 30 is mainly for a women’s reproductive health. Normally it is as part of women health problems after 30. This is required for proper contraception and appropriate family planning. This is to ensure maintain reproductive health for conception and a healthy pregnancy. Regular health checks are recommended during pregnancy to ensure well-being of the mother and the baby. Health is also closely monitored even after delivery – to nurse the mother back to health and also for best care of the infant. Some females may require certain women medical check-up during puberty, since a lot of hormonal changes take place during this time.

4. For Heart Health – Heart disease is the number one killer in the world. But as compared to men, the functions of the heart differ, therefore a specialized women medical check up must be undertaken for this organ. Thus, regular tests to evaluate cholesterol, blood pressure, lipid profile and electrocardiogram are required to be done. If the problem is detected early, it can be well-controlled by modifying the diet and exercise routine.

5. For Bone Health – The bones of a women weaken as the age advances. The cause is osteoporosis where the bones become fragile and can get easily fractured. A simple bone mineral density test as part of the women health check can be used to determine the risk for osteoporosis, and remedial measures can be taken immediately.

6. Autoimmune Diseases- The two main autoimmune diseases which affect women are – diabetes and thyroid problems. A women health check with regular blood sugar monitoring is a must for keeping a check on diabetes. Diabetes increases the risk for heart disease and affects many different organs. Thyroid dysfunction leads to a number of metabolic problems and can have severe impact on a women’s health. Regular tests for thyroid profile should also be a part of woman health check up.

All women should always monitor their health on a regular basis, and keep a lookout for any unfamiliar signs. They must always be vigilant and get regular health check-ups done with all the required tests to stay health for years to come.

Shalini Iyyer; a medical student in a Chennai medical college, has an obvious passion for medicine and health care. That’s why she shares her understanding of subjects like women health check up, female medical check up and women health check. She has also provided information about health check for women over 40, women health problems after 30 and suggested medical tests for women over 50. She hopes her information about female medical check up and health check up for women will benefit you and your family.

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