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What Do Men Want In A Woman? 4 Traits Every Man Hopes His Woman Has

Chem Fatale Report
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Feminine care. Feminine hygiene. Personal cleansing products. Intimate care. No matter what you call them, these consumer products are manufactured for and marketed exclusively to women. The purpose of feminine care products is to clean, moisturize, absorb discharge or otherwise treat the sensitive skin and tissues of the vaginal area. Women are told they are necessary for personal hygiene, a “fresher feeling,” or “greater confidence,” and the companies marketing these products imply that this improved cleanliness will promote good health and increase sex appeal.

A closer look at the impacts of these products, and the chemicals they contain, tell a much different story. Products intended for use on or in an incredibly absorbent part of a woman’s body are marketed and sold with little to no data assuring the ingredients they contain are safe. Ingredients are determined “safe,” operating under the premise that they are used on ordinary skin just like other cosmetic products. That means chemicals of concern such as carcinogens, reproductive toxins, endocrine disruptors, and allergens are being used on, or even in, the extremely permeable mucus membranes of the vaginal area. “

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What do men want in a woman? Are there certain traits that attract men and others that repel them? If you’ve ever struggled in your relationships with men, then this article will reveal 4 personality traits that will help you learn how to make a guy want you so you can draw men in like a magnet.

Inner And Outer Beauty

Yes, looks do matter to men. It’s in their genetic makeup to be attracted to and turned on by the physical appearance of a woman. However, this doesn’t mean you have to be a supermodel or dress like a prostitute to get a man to want you.

Be as beautiful as you can be inside and out and express your femininity. Plenty of “average looking” women have men flocking all over them because they exhibit the next trait I’m about to discuss.


The next trait men want in a woman is confidence. Confident women are super sexy. They know exactly who they are and they’re completely comfortable in their own skin.

Women who constantly complain about their body drive men nuts (in a bad way) because they scream of insecurity. If you want men to be drawn to you, exude confidence in everything you do. If you’re needy and unable to stand on your own two feet without him, then he’ll lose interest in you fast.

All Around Health

A third trait men want in a woman is all around health. This means men want a woman who is healthy physically, psychologically, emotionally, and fiscally. If you want to capture the heart of a man, make sure to spend time maintaining the health of all aspects of your life. Your physical appearance is only one small piece of a much bigger picture.

Kind, Caring, Sincere, And Honest

If you want to draw men to you like a magnet, then be kind, caring, sincere, and honest. What men want is a woman who is nurturing and kind to others as these traits further express a woman’s unique femininity. A woman who belittles or puts others down is unattractive and her behavior is “ugly”.

To attract an amazing man into your life, be genuine. Know who you are and don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. A man isn’t worth chasing after if you have to be someone else to impress him.

Men also want a woman who is honest and trustworthy. A man needs to know you aren’t going to cheat on him or start flirting with other men behind his back. He needs to know he can trust you when you’re out with friends and he’s not there.

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