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Health Guide For The Pregnant Woman

Elderly Woman in Nepal
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Image by United Nations Photo
A woman at her window in a Nepalese village.
Between 26 July and 6 August, 1982, a special UN-sponsored World Assembly on Aging was held in Vienna to discuss the long-range future of the world’s elderly. Issues on the agenda included health, housing and the environment, social welfare, income security, education and the family, and the role of the elderly in development.
A woman at her window in a Nepalese village.
Photo ID 36520. 01/06/1981. Nepal. UN Photo/John Isaac. www.unmultimedia.org/photo/

Being a pregnant woman brings with it euphoria and anxiety. Mood swings, morning sickness and fatigue are as much a part of pregnancy as moments of joy and anticipation. There will be days you will just not feel like getting out of bed. On other days, when you hear the tiny life move inside you, you will feel elation. The pregnant woman needs special care during these nine months. In order to make the right decisions regarding her doctor, method of childbirth, and other details, she needs to know all about pregnancy.

Your body will be going through many changes during the three trimesters. Here are some of the things every pregnant woman should know.

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness does not occur only in the morning. Many cases of morning sickness occur in the afternoon or evening as well. Morning sickness makes it difficult for women to keep down their meals. Many women find it difficult to eat normal meals. The solution for this is to have smaller, more frequent meals. Have crackers before getting out of bed in the morning so that you do not feel queasy or dizzy. Mostly, a pregnant woman does not know that morning sickness is an indicator of the pregnancy hormones working properly. However, see your doctor if the morning sickness is too severe.


Spotting or bleeding is one of the first signs of pregnancy. Bleeding is caused by implantation of the embryo in the uterine wall. Bleeding is accompanied by cramps in many cases. A pregnant woman may experience bleeding well into the pregnancy. In many cases, doctors may examine you and declare you fit. However, visit your doctor immediately if the bleeding is heavy or accompanied by severe cramps.

Tender Breasts

Swollen and tender breasts are common for a pregnant woman. Many women complain of discomfort and pain. A good bra can solve this problem largely. Keep changing bra sizes until you find the one that suits you. The bra size can also increase during this time.

Mood Swings

Many women find their mood oscillating between happiness and gloom. Mild mood swings are common during pregnancy. This is another sign of the hormones at work. However, see a doctor if you feel persistently depressed.


One of the stranger instincts in pregnant women is nesting. When in the third trimester, the woman may feel the need to wash down the yard, sweep the house, mop, and clear out closets. Indulge yourself, but be sure not to overdo it.


A lot many women complain of excess salivation during pregnancy. Again, the reason for this is hormonal changes in the body. Do not worry too much; this symptom will not last too long.

This health guide for the pregnant woman covers various pregnancy symptoms. You should read all you can about the three trimesters, and ask your doctor for more information.

The pregnancy woman needs special care during the whole pregnancy period. Mood swings, morning sickness and fatigue are as much a part of pregnancy as moments of joy and anticipation.

Exercise For Pregnant Woman

Ovarian Cancer Information Leaflet
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Image by DES Daughter
If you have any concerns about ovarian cancer please speak to your G.P.

Sources: The Eve Appeal Womb Cancer Information Leaflet
By The Eve Appeal gynaecology cancer research fund, London UK – on Facebook and Twitter

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Pregnancy does not mean that a woman can say bye to work out. If a woman is physically active during pregnancy, there are numerous benefits. Exercise for pregnant woman is now recognized and as crucial all over the world.

Exercise for pregnant woman helps to boost her energy level. It strengthens her cardiovascular system and tones the muscles. This in turn helps her to need less effort in any activity. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommend that it is safe to do exercise for 30 minutes daily. Exercise can help her get good sleep and reduce pregnancy discomfort. However, if the pregnant woman has any medical issues like pregnancy-induced blood pressure, vaginal bleeding or other complications, then it is advisable to consult her health care expert before starting the exercise regime.

The best exercise for pregnant woman is walking, as it does not involve any stress in the joints. It helps to keep her fit and it is safe to walk through the nine months of pregnancy. Walking is good for woman who was physically inactive before her pregnancy. Again, walking does not require any equipment; a supportive pair of shoes is enough to go for a walk. It is however important to remember that the pregnant woman should not try to improve her fitness during this time by doing vigorous walking. She needs to pay attention to her altered sense of balance. Exercising can increase the body heat, so walking in sultry weather should be avoided.

Aerobics that is mild could be a very ideal exercise for pregnant woman. These exercises are recommended by gynecologists all across, as they help reduce the stress on joints. The pregnant woman can do aerobic exercises that do not involve jumps, leaps, and high kicks. In any case it is advisable to seek the help of a physical trainer, who can help the expecting mother to modify some movements in the exercises that may be unsafe to the mother or the baby.

Simple stretching exercises, yoga, dancing and swimming are also recommended as great exercise for pregnant woman. Exercise makes the pregnant woman to release endomorphin, which in turn increases blood flow. The right exercise can reduce back pain, leg cramps and edema.

There are yet some conditions that restrict the pregnant woman to do exercises. If she suffers from cardiac arrhythmia, bleeding or hypertension, then it is sensible to avoid exercise. Exercise for pregnant woman is not safe if she feels uncomfortable or experience shortness of breath. She should stop doing exercise, if she notices any bleeding, dizziness, fainting or cramping. This is because the health of the baby depends completely on the health of the mother and so any discomfort may lead to complications in labor and childbirth.

In general, exercise for pregnant woman is good for the well being of the mother and baby, if she is in normal physical condition. Research proves the fact that exercising can improve the body movements of the fetus, which is significantly advantageous.

James stone is a personal growth, relationship and health expert who has written a number of informative articles and e-books on the topic of pregnancy, how to slim down and personal growth. For more information visit, http://exercise-for-pregnant-women.blogspot.com/

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Health Insurance For Pregnant Women

My Virginia
woman health
Image by DES Daughter
by Darci Picoult

A deeply affecting and genuinely funny journey through the medical juggernaut of DES, and anti-miscarriage drug given to millions of pregnant women and later discovered to cause cancer and reproductive problems in their children. Writer Darci Picoult, as journalist and DES daughter reveals the strength of mothers and daughters fighting together for their lives with guts, humor and love.

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Even though everyone should ideally possess Health Insurance, when dealing with pregnant woman this becomes a necessity, as two (or more) lives are a stake here. Clearly in every pregnancy there is a risk of complications and many things that can go wrong, thus, it is absolutely essential that a pregnant woman is regularly seen by a physician, to monitor the state of the pregnancy, as well as offer useful advice and guidance.

Sadly, there is a large number of pregnant women who do not possess health insurance. This is not only dangerous to their own well being, but also risks the health of their offspring. Studies have shown that children born to women who have not been periodically checked by a doctor are more likely to have low birth weight, as well as higher incidents of death.

Getting an insurance while pregnant has become significant today because of the towering cost of health insurance in the United States. According to the American Health Association, 41 million Americans are not insured, and around 13% of pregnant women in the country do not possess any form of health insurance. This puts these women and their unborn children at risk.

Furthermore, if a pregnant woman does wish to be regularly checked, even without health insurance, this could become a very expensive procedure. Prenatal checkups are very expensive, and hospital and delivery charges could easily cost more than $ 10,000. If there are any complications (i.e. premature birth, cesarean section surgery), the costs could become significantly larger. Thus, it is absolutely crucial for a pregnant woman to obtain health insurance.

One obstacle that uninsured pregnant women face is that most companies simply do not accept them, on the grounds that the pregnant is a pre-existing condition. Although there are ways to overcome this (which we will shortly discuss), ideally if you are an uninsured woman who intends to get pregnant soon, please obtain health insurance beforehand. This may save a lot of grief (and worse) later on. The following are a few useful and practical tips on how uninsured women may obtain health insurance:

First, shop around, search the internet, for health insurance companies who can provide pregnancy health coverage and discounted health care coverage. These days it is easy to get free instant quotes from multiple providers online. Some may very well be more affordable than others.

Second, there are some federally funded programs that can offer health insurance for low income people, and this includes pregnant women. Medicaid, for example, enables an uninsured pregnant woman to obtain health insurance coverage. It is important to state that some states have specialized programs for this purpose: if you are in such a situation, it would be a good idea to investigate and see whether your state offers such a program.

Third, check with other agencies. For example, WIC is a federal agency that enables low income women and children under 5 to obtain health services.

Finally, if despite all the obstacles you find yourself with several potential health insurance plans at your disposal, make sure you pick the one that addresses all the issues that may be relevant for you. For example, a hospital-only plan will not cover visits to a doctor’s office.

Tom Harkenshire has been dealing for decades with Health Insurance . In this article he discussed the necessity of obtaining health insurance for pregnant women, and offered ways for an uninsured woman to get health insurance. To read more articles that will help you better comprehend Health Insurance processes, visit his site, The Guide To Health.

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