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There are many women who have the habit of chewing pills now and then. It has become as a part of their life. They take these pills for more than one reason. In this article, we will learn about women health pills.

These pills give women a helping hand in order to prevent any unwanted pregnancies. These pills also help women to get her monthly period properly. There are lots of women who tend to miss their period due to various problems like cysts.

Many women take these pills in order to control the birth of a child according to the doctors. On the other hand, many of them use to avoid undesired pregnancy. When you have unprotected sex it is very necessary for you to take these pills as they could be useful.

The women need to be conscious from the 10th day to the 20th day of the cycle. They would ovulate from the 15th or the 16th day of the cycle. But these conditions apply only for the women who have a proper cycle of 28 days.

Chances of pregnancy are more when a woman has sex between 10th to 20th days of the cycle. These days are called unsafe time. Women who wish to avoid pregnancy can pop up these pills in order to avoid any unwanted pregnancy.

But many women make this as their habit. Too much of these pills would do a lot of damage to a woman. This may even lead to cancer and that is why a woman must avoid these pills and should make use of it only when it is required.

Common users of birth control people include patients who have poly cystic ovaries. They tend to miss their period. So their doctors prescribe them pills in order to get their period. These pills are normally prescribed with other medicines like metformin which controls the cyst.

The usage of these pills must be limited. There is a saying too much of anything is not good. So it is in this case as well. Take health pills only when it is required.

About the Author: George O. Pall explains woman health pills and what are consequences of woman health shopping online.

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