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Women’s Health Specialists Offer the Care Women Need

Coming to Term
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Uncovering the Truth about Miscarriage.

Approaching the topic from a reporter’s perspective, Cohen takes us on an intriguing journey into the laboratories and clinics of researchers at the front, weaving together their cutting-edge findings with intimate portraits of a dozen families who have had difficulty bringing a baby to term. Couples who seek medical help for miscarriage often encounter conflicting information about the causes of pregnancy loss and ways to prevent it. Cohen’s investigation synthesizes the latest scientific findings and unearths some surprising facts. We learn, for example, that nearly seven out of ten women who have had three or more miscarriages can still carry a child to term without medical intervention. Cohen also scrutinizes the full array of treatments, showing readers how to distinguish promising new options from the useless or even dangerous ones.

"Coming to Term" is the first book to turn a journalistic spotlight on a subject that has remained largely in the shadows. With an unrelenting eye and the compassion that comes from personal experience, Jon Cohen offers a message that is both enlightening and unexpectedly hopeful.

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The changes women experience as they go through the different stages of their lives each require special care. From adolescence to the childbearing years, to pre-menopause and menopause, each stage brings with it special needs often requiring the medical attention of several different doctors and specialists. Although this was the traditional way of women having their many needs met, today’s medical care has changed for women with the services of women’s health specialists.

The Philosophy of Women’s Health Specialists

The modern woman’s healthcare demands have changed drastically in recent years. Today’s women have the advantage of receiving specialized medical care for treating conditions that once were simply accepted by women. Kansas women’s health specialists are experts in each stage of a woman’s life, and believe in treating the whole woman through every stage, advancing the health of women. Using only the latest in medical technology as well as providing their services in a comfortable environment, these doctors believe in providing excellent and innovative care, with understanding and compassion for each patient. Each woman is given individualized attention to meet all her medical needs, whether it is gynecological, obstetric or urogynecological.

Services Provided

Women’s health specialists offer patients a full range of medical services, which include routine examinations, birth control, pregnancy care, midwives, delivery of babies, hysterectomies and other surgical procedures, as well as urinary incontinence treatment and pediatric and adolescent gynecology. These doctors also provide services, information and counseling on health issues such as infertility, menopause, PMS, pelvic pain and sexual difficulties. Some women’s health specialists also offer the convenience of in-office mammograms, hair removal and weight loss treatment.

The Advantages of Having a Woman’s Health Specialist

Doctors who specialize in healthcare for women know the importance of taking time to meet with their patients and answer all questions that concern them. These doctors are especially sensitive to women’s needs and believe in treating patients with respect and the special attention each patient deserves. Another important advantage of having a women’s health specialist is the personal relationship that is formed between doctors and patients throughout each stage of the patient’s life. These services offer the patient a personal healthcare team who is well aware of any previous problems, concerns or treatments the patient has experienced, enabling them to provide better medical care throughout the years. Women’s healthcare specialists are leading the way in which healthcare for women is changing, providing improved and personal care for each woman.

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