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OCD Pregnancy – What Happens When A Pregnancy Involves An OCD Woman?

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All women from across the globe admit to themselves that pregnancy is a difficult stage and not everyone can handle such a condition, this fact has strengthen the doubts of many curious thinkers towards the capability of a woman with OCD to be good mother, lest be pregnant.

While it can be agreed upon that parenthood is a human right, and pregnancy being one of the mechanisms by which his right is realized, still, many of these curious thinkers (many, including you) doubts if someone with a mental condition like OCD can indeed become a good mother, lest become a safe keeper or a helpless fetus inside a womb.

For them, the possibility of having the baby killed is so grave in the cause of OCD pregnancy that allowing such a condition is also similar to allowing the murder of helpless children. They use the fact that OCD sufferers perform rituals and have obsessions which might endanger the safety and health of the baby inside them out of inability to resist the obsession or the ritual. The inability of these women to make their children their first priority is enough reason for them to look at OCD women sufferers as eligible mothers.

For those pregnant OCD sufferers who have successfully resisted performing the ritual, most likely stress and anxiety will become exceedingly acute. These emotional byproducts happen because of the deliberate refusal of the sufferer to perform her rituals just because she has a baby to prioritize. These emotions, however, have always been known to be harmful to children and thus not good for a pregnant woman as well. For the curious thinkers then, whatever the case is, women with OCD will more likely only compromise the safety and health of her soon to be child.

However, by paying sufficient attention to OCD in general, although it is still incurable with the limitations of today’s technology, it can be immediately observed that a lot of treatment for OCD are already very accessible to many people. If the pregnancy is planned, then the OCD sufferer might opt for a treatment first, but if the pregnancy is already there before the treatment is over or before it starts, no great of a deal of change will happen anyway. The simple solution is, she can proceed with the treatment with all due attention and care from family members and from oneself and all should be alright.

When examine other cases, even a diabetic woman may opt to bear a child even if she knows that her child might inherent her disease, and the society does not look badly at this woman. Another example is a mentally retarded woman who becomes pregnant with direct supervision and care from an expert and her family, society even views this as an inspiring example to promote families.

As conclusion, any pregnancy should be allowed to happen and not judged according to the physical and mental disabilities of the mother but on her desire to bear and child and provide the child with the best possible life she can give.

Joana Kristoff has been diagnosed to have OCD since her teenage years. She has recently signed up for OCD therapy sessions with a personal therapist, but before that she was pregnant with her eldest son, Gabe. Gabe is now 10 years old and he says he love his mother so much. Read more about the mental health of OCD sufferers and OCD pregnancy.

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