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Gynecologist and women health

Soray gets a check up at a local medical health clinic
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Image by World Bank Photo Collection
10 May 2012, Tajikhan Village, Jabalseraj District Parwan Province, Afghanistan : Twenty two year old Soraya is checked by Muzhda, a mid wife at the Sar-e-Hause medical health clinic. "We had fireworks every day." she says..The clinic is funded by the Strengthening Health Activities for Rural Poor Project (SHARP). SHARP aims to improve the health and nutrition status of Afghans, focusing especially on women and children and the underserved areas of the country. Already remarkable progress has been made in the reduction of infant and under five mortality as well as pregnancy related mortality. With World Bank support in 11 provinces the number of health clinics has nearly tripled from 148 to 432 and about 85% of the population now lives in districts which now have service providers to deliver a basic package of health service. The project supports Afghanistan’s Health and Nutrition Sector Strategy which is the governments blueprint for the health sector program for the period 2008-13. Photo: Graham Crouch / World Bank

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Doctors living angles
Doctors are the living angels. They give their whole life to serve people. They studied hard day and night to achieve their degree. Doctors deal with different branches of problems of human beings. Gynecology is the branch that deals with the woman problems. Gynecology is a very old branch of medicine dated back to about 1800 B.C. Still this branch is working and introducing more and more new technologies to cure woman suffering from many different gynecological problems.
Gynecologist has miracle power
Every woman should visit her gynecologist annually. A gynecologist is a doctor especially for women. They deal with all the gynecological problems of woman such as pregnancy, contraceptives, pelvic problems, reproductive system, and breast cancer etc.
A professional degree of gynecologist
When gynecologists step toward their profession they have to complete the post graduate diploma in Obs & Gyn. After that they can do more specializations in their field.
A woman has to deal with gynecological problems starting from the early age of 12 or 13 when she starts with her menstruation cycle then traveling through various states of her life may get pregnant, deliver children and a time comes when she goes through menopause.
Sometimes, woman have to visit the gynecologist for other reason such as infertility, pelvic problems, cervical problems, cancerous cyst in uterus and many more.
Importance of gynecologist
Gynecologist are very important. Every woman should have an annual visit with her gynecologist. Still in many countries society does not consider gynecology an important factor, but they are ignorant with the importance of gynecologist. Here are some of the times when gynecologists are very important such as:
* Pregnancy
* Vaginal abnormalities
* Abnormal Menstrual Cycles
* Sex/Fertility
* Menopause

Why it is important to have a gynecologist?
It is very important to have a gynecologist because:
* Gynecologist understand women
* Gynecologist can suggest healthy diet changes
* Gynecologist specialize in gynecological problems
* Gynecologist specialize in healthy pregnancy and delivery of your children
* Gynecologist understands the changing bodies of women and may suggest a diet plan appropriate with a women’s life cycle.
When woman have to visit a gynecologist?
Many women dread going to the gynecologist. Many women only see the gynecologist when they are experiencing gynecological problems such as these:
* Pubirty/Menstration.
* Irregular menstrual cycle
* Unusual bleeding or pain associated with her menstrual period
* If a woman has heavy periods, the gynecologist may suggest a new procedure called nova sure.
* Pregnancy
* Annual Well Woman exams
* If a woman has abnormal pelvic pain
* Abnormal discharge
* If woman has breast pain
* A woman can visit her gynecologist for advice on her changing body and a diet plan.
* Menopause
Gynecologists add to the overall benefits of women’s health.

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