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The Health Risks of Headaches During Pregnancy

The Greatest Experiment Ever Performed on Women
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Exploding the Estrogen Myth, by Barbara Seaman

With the ardent tone of a close friend, Barbara Seaman draws on forty years of journalistic research to expose the "menopause industry" and shows how estrogen therapy often causes more problems—including breast cancer, heart attack, and stroke—than it cures. The Greatest Experiment Ever Performed on Women tracks the well-intentioned discovery of synthetic estrogen through the unconscionable and misleading promotion of a dangerous drug.

Barbara Seaman’s groundbreaking book traces the history of estrogen use from its early purveyors, including a well-meaning British doctor who lost control of the marketing of DES and therefore inadvertently led to the DES baby crisis, to Nazi experimentation with women and estrogen, to the present, and looks at how an experiment of this proportion could have been conducted without oversight, intervention, or real knowledge as to what its effects would be.

Barbara Seaman turns up essential, often shocking, information that should have been part of public awareness but, only now, is coming to light. Read amazon reviews and GoodReads reviews

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Being pregnant comes with an increase in risk to the health of you and your unborn child. Today we look at the connection between migraines during pregnancy and how this affects you and your babys health.

Experiencing migraines while pregnant has been linked to an increase in the chance of having a stroke, according to a study in the United States. It found that you were fifteen times more likely to have a stroke compared to woman who were not pregnant.

Information was collated from over 33,000 pregnant women who were also experiencing migraines.

Age has been found to be a contributing factor, as a woman above 40 is almost two and a half times more likely to suffer from migraines during her pregnancy than a woman who is under twenty. A white woman will have more migraines than a woman of another race or ethnicity.

Migraines have also been linked to a rise in the risk of heart disease, blood clots, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. They suggest it is possible that the migraine itself is an indication that the cardiovascular system is not working as well as it should be.

The authors suggest that the most logical explanation for the findings lies in the interaction between migraines and the normal physiological changes during pregnancy (such as increased blood volume and heart rate) which put extra stress on the vascular system.

Past research has indicated that the cells that form the inner wall of blood vessels (endothelial cells), may not operate as well in people who suffer from migraines during pregnancy.

The findings continue to solidify the belief that migraines, and especially those with an aura or visual change at the same time, are linked to women also suffering heart disease and strokes.

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Surrogate Motherhood and the Politics of Reproduction
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Image by DES Daughter
Susan Markens takes on one of the hottest issues on the fertility front—surrogate motherhood—in a book that illuminates the culture wars that have erupted over new reproductive technologies in the United States. In an innovative analysis of legislative responses to surrogacy in the bellwether states of New York and California, Markens explores how discourses about gender, family, race, genetics, rights, and choice have shaped policies aimed at this issue. She examines the views of key players, including legislators, women’s organizations, religious groups, the media, and others. In a study that finds surprising ideological agreement among those with opposing views of surrogate motherhood, Markens challenges common assumptions about our responses to reproductive technologies and at the same time offers a fascinating picture of how reproductive politics shape social policy.

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Did you know that it is possible for a woman to be pregnant and not gain excess weight? There are simple means on how to make this happen. The woman needs to basically live a more positive health and fitness fit lifestyle and complement good foods with regular exercises.

It is a dream of every woman to be a mom. However, pregnancy is a difficult stage. Usually, the period is associated to excessive weight gain. Did you know that it’s possible for a pregnancy without pounds? Some think pregnancy naturally comes with added weight. Now is the time to think otherwise.

Pregnancy has always been regarded as an excuse to indulge. Normally, women tend to overeat when they are expecting. There can be changes in appetite, but it is always the case. Women think they can still gain weight anyhow. So why not just enjoy gaining added pounds? No wonder, pregnant women are usually overweight.

Pregnancy is a long nine months. Imagine how much food a woman can indulge in. Thus, women retain much weight after child labor. The problem is that it is harder to lose weight after pregnancy. You should rather avoid getting too overweight in pregnancy. This is to avoid having regrets in the end.

The concern should not always be figure and aesthetic wise, but should be more about health and fitness overall. Moreover, pregnant women should think about health above all. When you gain much weight, you compromise your overall fitness.

How can you prevent adding pounds during pregnancy? Self-control is the best way. You can always have a say on what and how much you eat. Eat nutritious foods for you and your baby. Foods like ice cream, chips and candies contribute to much weight gain. Unfortunately, they are also not nutritious. What you eat is shared to the baby. If you prefer to consume nutritious foods, nutrients are shared with the baby. Appropriate foods are usually not fat accumulating.

To stick to your figure and health, go for the better foods. Moreover, avoid junk foods and candies or sweets. They are not healthy, but are greatly fattening. Complement good food with regular exercise. Exercise routines eliminate excess fat deposits. They also improve blood circulation. Pregnant women who exercise are healthier. They can maintain ideal weight and figure. Moreover, their pregnancy will be much easier and comfortable.

You can easily have pregnancy without having to accumulate added excessive pounds. If you consume good food and exercise, you can do so. It is not that hard as you think. Pregnant women should still carry and maintain strong will in making it happen. If they aim not to gain much weight, they certainly could do so.

Health and fitness should not be compromised during pregnancy. While it is true that there is a greater urge to eat, there should be better self control imposed. After all, overindulgence could lead to excessive weight gain, which in turn could bring about a host of many other health issues and possible fatal diseases.

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