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Ways Menopause Side Effects Can Affect Your Health

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March 8th, women around the world are joining together to fight sexism and raise civil awareness.
But what exactly is International Women’s Day, and why is it so significant?
Aren’t we trying to fight sexism and raise civil awareness every day?
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If you are female, you may either be looking forward to or dreading the approach of menopause. Menopause side effects have been the subject of much discussion and many women worry about them because they are not totally certain what to expect. A little knowledge can help them feel much more optimistic about what is ahead of them.

What is menopause? At its most basic, it simply means an end to menstruation. A woman’s body begins to decrease the amounts of two key hormones- estrogen and progesterone – that allow her to produce eggs. As a result, she becomes unable to become pregnant naturally. For some women, declining hormones do not affect them negatively and they may actually begin to feel better. For other women, the process is a long and painful one.

One of the problems with recognizing menopause is that it never begins suddenly. As a woman’s hormone levels decrease her symptoms begin and they may be similar to symptoms of other, more serious health conditions. If women think that they may be beginning menopause, they should make an appointment to discuss their symptoms with their doctor. The doctor will be able to assess a woman’s physical condition and make sure that they are, in fact, entering a menopausal state.

Many people know about hot flashes occurring during menopause. What may surprise women is how much their body temperature can change or how uncomfortable it can be. Women may find that they need to cool down by opening their windows or even starting the air conditioner up regardless of whether it is the middle of winter or not. A menopausal woman may also sweat heavily during her hot flashes.

Insomnia is also a common side effect of menopause. This may be caused if hot flashes or night sweats occur during a woman’s sleep. Declining hormone levels can also interrupt a woman’s normal sleep pattern and leave her feeling tired and drained.

The comfort that many women have during intercourse may also be affected by menopause. Lower levels of estrogen can cause vaginal dryness and declining hormones may lower a woman’s sex drive in general. For women who have enjoyed a physical relationship this can be very upsetting. This can actually be one of the most disturbing side effects that many women may experience during menopause.

Mental issues and mood swings are also familiar to women going through menopause. Depression and anger are not uncommon. Memory issues are also common as well although many women are unprepared for these issues.

If women think they are experiencing menopause side effects that are causing them a large amount of discomfort, they need to speak to their doctor. There may be medications that can address specific symptoms. Hormone replacement therapy is a controversial treatment choice that can relieve symptoms but it has some side effects that need to be discussed and it is not for everyone.

Amberen is a natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy as a solution to the symptoms of menopause. Amberen reviews offer information about the side effects and benefits of the product.

This program by the National Institues of Health features narratives of seven women recovering from problems with alcohol. These stories make it clear that it’s possible to miss danger signs and that social drinking can become problem drinking, which in turn can evolve into addiction. Abuse and alcoholism are often perceived as problems that only affect men, but alcoholism has been on the rise among women for the last 30 years.

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