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It Is Extremely Important to See an Eye Doctor Routinely

You will get standard examinations with your general doctor. That is excellent. It is actually terrific you keep your appointments to be sure you happen to be in excellent overall health. It is important to have your current hypertension levels examined frequently and have your personal medical doctor supply you with a once over. You get to your current dental professional on a regular basis to make certain your teeth tend to be healthful and that you have no cavities or some other damaging dental care difficulty. It is great you are so careful that you visit a doctor plus a dental professional routinely. Even so, you could be abandoning one physician off your list. Make sure you furthermore check out an eye care specialist yearly.

Experiencing your eye care specialist routinely is essential for your own total eye health. You have to safeguard your eye sight – that is certainly essential. You need to be checked out for vision correctness. A routine eye test will ensure you do not possess glaucoma – that may be a unbearable total eye circumstance. Usually an eye care specialist can find out other health concerns. They are able to present you with answers to any considerations you could have. Maybe you have been realizing more and more floaters in your eyes. You shouldn’t have to consistently stress about them all when a stop by to the optometrist and assure you that all is very well. Get More Info here about this circumstance. You can read about this on this page. Your eye sight could very well be the most significant of all the senses. Shield it as you would the rest of your body.

Contraceptives with Anti-Androgens May Cause Woman Sexual Problems

Contraceptives that include the pill, the patch, and the vaginal ring work a tools to prevent pregnancy. Before the founding of contraceptives, people tried different methods including withdrawal, periodic abstinence, or some old forms of condoms. Yet those methods were mostly ineffective.

It’s until 1960 that the first oral contraceptive get administrative acceptance. Though they proved effectiveness in preventing pregnancy, but hormonal contraceptives has always been subject to a lot of controversy concerning their side effects on woman health including her sexual functions.

A lot of scientific studies have tried to shed light on effects of hormonal contraceptives on woman sexuality. This is the case of new research that could be found here ( carried by a group of scientists from university of Copenhagen, Denmark. The study tried to investigate relation between combined hormonal contraception and women’s sexual function.

Researchers of the study which is published in Obstetrics & Gynecology: An International Journal emphasized on the type of progestin in the combined hormonal contraceptives. For that purpose researchers questioned a sample of “252 healthy, sexually active women aged 18 to 35”. Study’s questions focused on “Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI), the Female Sexual Distress Scale (FSDS), and questions about contraception use.”

Scientists started with the hypothesis that combined hormonal contraceptives have effects on sexual functionality. But they noticed that “CHC use was in general not correlated with a higher level of sexual problems or sexual distress”. However it does not mean that there are no effects at all.

Researchers stated that effects on woman sexuality are noticed in women using hormonal contraceptives with formulations containing anti-androgenic progestins. “when stratifying the analyses according to the type of progestin, women using CHC formulations containing anti-androgenic progestins more often reported sexual problems and sexual distress than women using CHC with other progestins” researchers discovered.

What are anti-androgenic progestins?

Anti-androgenic progestins known as Antiandrogens or also called androgen antagonists were first found in 1960s. The Antiandrogens are therapeutic drugs, and they function by blocking the biological effects of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. Antiandrogens are most frequently used to treat prostate cancer for men and for women they are used to reduce levels of male hormones that cause symptoms of hyperandrogenism.

Researchers stated that different other factors are related to women’s sexual function, and “age, children living at home, alcohol consumption, and smoking were not correlated”. What the scientists noticed is that “a stable relationship is a known influential factor”. What they mean by long a stable relationship is 3 or more years contrary to a short term relation which they said is not correlated with sexual problems.

Researchers discussed the correlation of long term relationship with sexual problems and sexual distress. They stated that “a stable relationship could have a positive effect because of greater sexual activity in the initial stages, but have a negative effect later in the relationship derived from worrying about partner satisfaction and other relationship problems.”

Though the scientists found that combined hormonal contraceptives have effects on woman sexual function, but they stated that “Some women may be more sensitive than others to the hormonal changes induced by CHC… The negative effects of CHC are possibly most important when combined with other factors that negatively influence sexual function.”

Combined hormonal contraceptives are one of the most used types of contraception for their effectiveness. Researchers of the study said that these study’s results should not be a concern for woman users of these contraceptives. Instead scientists said “However, if a woman using CHC complains of sexual problems, we would suggest a change in CHC formulation to a CHC without an anti-androgenic progestin or to a non-HC.”

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Woman Health Pills

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Health is a gift we too often take for granted

There are many women who have the habit of chewing pills now and then. It has become as a part of their life. They take these pills for more than one reason. In this article, we will learn about women health pills.

These pills give women a helping hand in order to prevent any unwanted pregnancies. These pills also help women to get her monthly period properly. There are lots of women who tend to miss their period due to various problems like cysts.

Many women take these pills in order to control the birth of a child according to the doctors. On the other hand, many of them use to avoid undesired pregnancy. When you have unprotected sex it is very necessary for you to take these pills as they could be useful.

The women need to be conscious from the 10th day to the 20th day of the cycle. They would ovulate from the 15th or the 16th day of the cycle. But these conditions apply only for the women who have a proper cycle of 28 days.

Chances of pregnancy are more when a woman has sex between 10th to 20th days of the cycle. These days are called unsafe time. Women who wish to avoid pregnancy can pop up these pills in order to avoid any unwanted pregnancy.

But many women make this as their habit. Too much of these pills would do a lot of damage to a woman. This may even lead to cancer and that is why a woman must avoid these pills and should make use of it only when it is required.

Common users of birth control people include patients who have poly cystic ovaries. They tend to miss their period. So their doctors prescribe them pills in order to get their period. These pills are normally prescribed with other medicines like metformin which controls the cyst.

The usage of these pills must be limited. There is a saying too much of anything is not good. So it is in this case as well. Take health pills only when it is required.

About the Author: George O. Pall explains woman health pills and what are consequences of woman health shopping online.

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Health Beauty Cosmetics Perfumes The Four Words A Woman Loves To Hear

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These four words are the things that make most women smile; health beauty cosmetics perfumes. These are all things that women love simply because they make us look and smell wonderful. Women are trying more and more things to stay healthy and look beautiful. There are ways to do this naturally with out spending thousands of dollars and being put through surgery.

In these present times women are seriously taking care of there health. You may find that you can not get to the gym as much as you would like. You may find you just have no time for your health anymore. There are a few simple foods you can eat to keep your health good. Take the time to have one glass of juice preferably orange every morning and you will say good bye to high blood pressure. Eating cereals with a high fiber count will help your body fight cancer.

You should also drink lots of water every day, this will help you stay hydrated and fight fatigue, headaches, and poor concentration. Water will also give the skin a beautiful natural glow, plus it slows down the process of wrinkles. How can that be bad in anyway? Exercise is also a plus in staying healthy and beautiful. If you can not get to the gym, try taking the stairs and avoid the elevator.

These are only little things but they make a difference if done everyday. Everyone wants to keep their beauty, and following these little tips for your health is a start. You should also consider moisturizing and exfoliating to give you skin a beautiful healthy look. Your skin will stay younger looking much longer. Sun block is a must to keeping healthy, beautiful skin.

Cosmetics are another area that most women just go crazy over. I could start naming different cosmetics that we love and that make us beautiful but I would be here all day. There are simply too many to name, but make sure to wear a base that has a high SPF count to protect your skin, while covering any flaws and enhancing your beauty.

Women love perfumes, this has been no secret from anyone. Some women have perfume bottles lining the shelves of their bathrooms or dressing table. Some women prefer to stick with one or two specific scents. Women love perfumes because it gives them a beautiful smell and it makes them feel pretty. The fact that men love for women to smell good may have something to do with that too.

A woman will find her bliss when she spends a day being pampered at the spa. She will be able to enjoy all of her favorite things in one day. Spas are great at taking care of your health, and your beauty. You can also enjoy a fabulous massage with perfumed oils.

Shopping for a woman is quite simple; if you buy her something from these categories you can not go wrong. A woman will love a gift for beauty or health. A Christmas favorite among most women is perfumes and cosmetics. A day at the spa is always a sure thing.

They are stylish and affordable as well as popular. Best Fragrances Wait too long, and you could have to settle for whatever fits. Laminaria tents are inserted into the patients cervix.

The Sore Penis: A Woman’s Guide

Women’s Health – Safe Cosmetics and Safer Chemicals Infographic
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Chaé Organics May 28, 2013

Our posts about SafeCosmetics, SaferChemicals, Women’s Health.

Many women wish there was some sort of woman’s guide to the penis. This alien piece of equipment has a cultural reputation as an ever-ready, stalwart champion that never needs coaxing unless there’s something wrong with it. A concept like a sore penis just may not make sense to many women, especially those who are less experienced. Yet knowing how to treat a sore penis is a big part of a guy’s everyday penis care – and knowing something about it can be valuable for a woman.

Low admittance.
Here’s the difficult part, of course. Some guys are loath to admit to a woman that they have a sore penis. Sure, they’ll brag about it to another guy; “My tool is so raw from my date last night!” (even if that date was only with their right fist). But letting a female know that the pecker is feeling poorly? Not very likely.

That all goes back to the cultural reputation mentioned above. Guys aren’t supposed to have a tool that’s feeling less than 100% ready to pop up and go into action. But the truth is that soreness is a common issue – and for a number of reasons, such as:

* Too much/too vigorous action. This is obviously a man’s preferred reason for a sore penis: because its owner is so irresistible that women can’t keep their hands (and other body parts) off it. And they want it over and over. And when they want it, they go so wild that they can’t help but damage it in a frenzy of lust. Now, that’s usually a bit of an exaggeration, but the fact remains that too much sex, sex that doesn’t involve sufficient lubrication or sex that is too vigorous can cause a sore penis. No guy is immune, no matter how much of a stud he may be.

* Going commando. It may be a bit juvenile, buy guys like to walk around with no underwear. Having an “unfurnished basement” is fun and on hot days can be a lifesaver. But when the package isn’t protected by its customary layer of soft cotton, it can get rubbed raw by rough trouser fabric. And that can be painful.

* Allergic reactions. For a mighty masculine organ, the penis is actually very sensitive. The skin around the penis is thin, and it’s full of nerve endings that enable it to respond so spectacularly to proper stimuli. Unfortunately, that skin is also sensitive to improper stimuli – such as fragrances, detergents, strong cleansers, etc. These can easily cause rashes and rawness on even the manliest of tools.

* Trauma. This one is easy to understand: A hard jab in the crotch can create pain that lingers for quite some time. A bruised penis is not a penis that is responsive to touches and strokes, no matter how game its owner may be.

As mentioned, a guy may be hesitant to admit he has a sore penis. However, if he is noticeably reluctant to go to bed or makes feeble excuses about having to get home early, a woman may draw her own conclusions. It’s probably tactful not to push the point.

However, when he does appear to be ready for a return engagement after what one suspects is a bout of soreness, a woman may want to take a few precautions.

* Go lightly. No matter how ready a gal may be for sex, it may be prudent to proceed gingerly until one can determine how healed the penis is.

* Use lubricant. Keeping the pole well lubricated is essential for both proper healing and prevention.

* Encourage the use of a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Men need to keep their tools well moisturized, but often neglect this. As a result, the skin lacks the elasticity that can help prevent a sore penis. A good woman’s guide will tell a partner to select a crème with natural moisturizers (Shea butter, vitamin E) for her man. The crème should also include acetyl L-carnitine, which helps heal the peripheral nerve damage that can result from rough handling. Sometimes a man needs a woman’s help in dealing with a sore penis.

Visit for more information about treating common penis health problems, including soreness, redness and loss of penis sensation. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men’s health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous online web sites.

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