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OCD Pregnancy – What Happens When A Pregnancy Involves An OCD Woman?

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All women from across the globe admit to themselves that pregnancy is a difficult stage and not everyone can handle such a condition, this fact has strengthen the doubts of many curious thinkers towards the capability of a woman with OCD to be good mother, lest be pregnant.

While it can be agreed upon that parenthood is a human right, and pregnancy being one of the mechanisms by which his right is realized, still, many of these curious thinkers (many, including you) doubts if someone with a mental condition like OCD can indeed become a good mother, lest become a safe keeper or a helpless fetus inside a womb.

For them, the possibility of having the baby killed is so grave in the cause of OCD pregnancy that allowing such a condition is also similar to allowing the murder of helpless children. They use the fact that OCD sufferers perform rituals and have obsessions which might endanger the safety and health of the baby inside them out of inability to resist the obsession or the ritual. The inability of these women to make their children their first priority is enough reason for them to look at OCD women sufferers as eligible mothers.

For those pregnant OCD sufferers who have successfully resisted performing the ritual, most likely stress and anxiety will become exceedingly acute. These emotional byproducts happen because of the deliberate refusal of the sufferer to perform her rituals just because she has a baby to prioritize. These emotions, however, have always been known to be harmful to children and thus not good for a pregnant woman as well. For the curious thinkers then, whatever the case is, women with OCD will more likely only compromise the safety and health of her soon to be child.

However, by paying sufficient attention to OCD in general, although it is still incurable with the limitations of today’s technology, it can be immediately observed that a lot of treatment for OCD are already very accessible to many people. If the pregnancy is planned, then the OCD sufferer might opt for a treatment first, but if the pregnancy is already there before the treatment is over or before it starts, no great of a deal of change will happen anyway. The simple solution is, she can proceed with the treatment with all due attention and care from family members and from oneself and all should be alright.

When examine other cases, even a diabetic woman may opt to bear a child even if she knows that her child might inherent her disease, and the society does not look badly at this woman. Another example is a mentally retarded woman who becomes pregnant with direct supervision and care from an expert and her family, society even views this as an inspiring example to promote families.

As conclusion, any pregnancy should be allowed to happen and not judged according to the physical and mental disabilities of the mother but on her desire to bear and child and provide the child with the best possible life she can give.

Joana Kristoff has been diagnosed to have OCD since her teenage years. She has recently signed up for OCD therapy sessions with a personal therapist, but before that she was pregnant with her eldest son, Gabe. Gabe is now 10 years old and he says he love his mother so much. Read more about the mental health of OCD sufferers and OCD pregnancy.

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A Woman’s Healthy Reproductive System-Sex Education

Woman in striped dress being immunized
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Woman in striped dress being immunized.

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Your reproductive system is extremely sensitive and without a healthy reproductive system, it can be very difficult to get pregnant. Many women suffer from infertility. Seeing a physician and having regular pap smears and breast exams are important steps in keeping your reproductive system healthy.

The slightest hormonal imbalance can disrupt the reproductive system which is why it is so important to take care of it. Some factors that can seriously impair your reproductive health include: endometriosis, PCOS , pelvic prolapse, pelvic inflammatory disease, and cervical cancer.

The organs of the reproductive system are:

Uterus- Also called the womb, the uterus is a hollow, pear shaped organ with a muscular wall and a lining. The uterus expands many times in size during pregnancy to hold the growing fetus.

Fallopian Tubes- These thin, soft tubes extend from the uterus to the ovaries. During ovulation, an ovary releases an egg into the fallopian tube next to it.

Ovaries– The ovaries are located in the left and right lower abdomen. Ovaries produce eggs as well as hormones like estrogen and progesterone.

Cervix– The cervix is the lower portion of the uterus that opens into the vagina. During labor, the cervix dilates (expands) to about 4 inches (10 centimeters) in diameter.

Vagina– This tube-like organ connects the uterus to the outside of the body. The birth of a baby follows it’s path.

Hymen– The hymen (also called maidenhead) is a fold of mucous membrane which surrounds or partially covers the external vaginal opening. It forms part of the vulva, or external genitalia.

Menstruation, or “period,” is the term given to a woman’s periodic discharge of blood, tissue, fluid and mucus from the reproductive organs of sexually mature females. The flow usually lasts from 3 – 6 days each month and is caused by a sudden reduction in the hormones estrogen and progesterone.

When girls begin to go through puberty (usually starting between the ages of 8 and 13), their bodies and minds change in many ways. The hormones bodies stimulate new physical development, such as growth and breast development. Roughly 2 years after a girl’s breasts begin to develop, she usually gets her first menstrual period.

A woman is fertile only for a few days during each menstrual cycle and once ovulation has occurred, there is only a 24 hour period in which fertilization can take place. The reproductive process begins with the ovary releasing an egg and setting it off on it’s journey down the fallopian tube towards the uterus. In the fallopian tube, it begins to produce an enzyme that helps attract the sperm from the males ejaculation.

A man releases millions of sperm when he ejaculates but only a few hundred will be able to make it all the way from the cervix up into the uterus and then into the correct fallopian tube. Once there, only one sperm will then be able to make its way through the eggs tough coating to fertilize the egg.

After fertilization, the egg continues into the uterus where it implants itself into the endometrial lining and officially becomes an embryo.

A missed menstrual period is most often the first sign of pregnancy, but typically, additional symptoms and signs are experienced in the early stages of pregnancy. These include:

-Breast swelling, tenderness, and pain
-Nausea and vomiting
-Fatigue and tiredness
-Abdominal boating
-Frequent urination
-Elevated basal body temperature
-Changes in nipple color
-Melasma (darkening of the skin)
-Mood swings and stress

Sometimes a woman who is pregnant may still experience some bleeding or spotting around the time of the expected period. This small amount of bleeding commonly that occurs at the time of the expected menstrual period may be implantation bleeding. This occurs when the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall. It’s important to remember that not all women will experience all of these symptoms or have the symptoms to the same degree.

An at home pregnancy can tell whether or not there is a pregnancy as early as the first day of the missed period, which is about two weeks after conception. You should schedule a doctors appointment and get a check up and pregnancy test as soon as possible if you think you might be pregnant.

Pregnancy tests are based upon measurement of the hormone which is only present in a woman when she is pregnant, human chorionic gonadotrophin, or hCG. This hormone is made after the egg is fertilized and its levels rise rapidly in early pregnancy. It acts to support progesterone, a hormone necessary to maintain the pregnancy.

Unfortunately, things don’t always work as mother nature intended. Infertility effects many women for many different reasons. If you have any signs that things might not feel right or if you are having any issues with your menstrual periods, contact physician and have an exam.

Jane Carrasco has created a site where you can learn more about reproductive health and other women’s health issues. This article was originally posted at GoodLife4Women.

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Sexual Health – Sexual Health Questions for Male and Female

What’s hiding in those Pads?
woman health
Image by DES Daughter
Always: detox the box!
Toxic chemicals don’t belong in pads. Period.
Women’s Voices for the Earth November 2013 Chem Fatale report found toxic chemicals commonly used in feminine care products like pads and tampons.

* Take Action => Tell Always to detox the box!

* Tampons & Transparency, skepchick, Dr Radium Yttrium, 17 Feb 2014.

* All our posts about EDCs, safe cosmetics and safer chemicals.

Sexual health is such a wide topic with so many opinions that it is hard to get any straight answers. Even if you are lucky enough to get an answer one might find that there is another answer waiting just to contradict that one. It’s a puzzling world for both men and women. This distinction is brought to light simple because of the fact that men and woman see sex differently. They experience puberty differently and male’s sexual health is far different to female’s sexual health.

It can seriously be argued that Men’s sexual health begins at puberty. Women on the other hand, do experience wide and broad ranges of emotions coupled with psychological and physical issues far worse than men. Though men and women experience sexuality differently; it’s imperative however, that young men and woman are made aware of the risks they face and what they need to do cope.

A duo combination

Sexuality and women’s health in general go hand in hand. It’s just plain biology, the fact is women are the reproductive vessels of our species and their bodies undergo tremendous changes and pressure and the sexual and general health are often one in the same. Women have many different stages of their lives that sexual health takes on different aspects; there are different precautions for pregnancy than there is for menopause. There’re different requirements for puberty than there is for a woman in her twenties. The list is endless.

Men’s sexual health however is less diverse but by no means less important. The first and most obvious is Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STD’s). This is something that all men and women need to be aware of and act accordingly. It is very much man’s responsibility to get himself checked-out regularly, and protect himself and his partner always!

When we discuss questions in the male sexual health realm we can have questions from “can you break your penis” to more involved and serious questions such as “how do I deal with prostate cancer.” Male sexual health is not something that is very openly spoken about; this may be due to the fact that in most cultures it is unaccepted discourse. However in today’s evolving world men are becoming increasing open to discuss and asking question about men’s sexual health.

There’re serious problems out there, unfortunately most are not given as much social awareness as things that are more economically beneficial to the pharmaceuticals market and are as closely attached to men’s ego’s, such as erectile dysfunctions. Yes these are important aspects to men’s health but to a large extent these issues are being flogged on the TV, internet and anywhere else purely for the economic, wealth creating, factor and less for the concerns and sexual health of men and sexual health of woman. Serious sexual and women’s health in general have taken a significant back seat in the public eye simply because it is not as profitable to talk about. That is why it is up to the households to educate the next generation, because the capitalist orientated-world won’t. Sexual health questions are part of growing-up, and parents should encourage their children to be open about sexual questions.

Emeka Ezidiegwu is a Webmaster, Author, and Internet marketer. If you’re informed by this article, please visit us at Online Medicine Info; for this and more related articles like: men’s sexual health or buying drugs online plus much more.

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Woman topic: why men want to look through the derailment confidante?

Healthy Aging for Women infographic
woman health
Image by DES Daughter
Some baby boomers turned 60 this year…
As research has shown, a healthy diet, exercise and regular medical checkups are the key ingredients for healthy aging for women.

* This infographic was published by the University of Florida.
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* Watch this health infographics album on Flickr.

1, with a beautiful “iron buddy” will be even more proud.

Perhaps men are eager to have a confidante, if friends are wine, women friends, no doubt is a very intoxicating one, they are more cautious, because the status is different, better off than Valentine’s to help men; is a full eyebrows, if the roots of temperament and she is even more effective than men, which is more wonderful things.

2, she is not exclusive you, but your mind connected.

Once a woman as his wife, is no longer an objective look at the men, they like exclusive, confidante will not. Most people have their own hidden character, the other half if the man is a woman, then, who are more likely to be a confidante.

3, so gentle embrace, how can a man not to heart.

If he was depressed, and may be a drunk, if a little strength and courage, might find someone to play one. However, if there is a caring female friend, perhaps he will find her to talk or even cry.

Male friends never do, even if others do not know, he can not do in front of the poor like the same sex. Confidante is not terrible, they occasionally feel bad in front of men in their weakness, but like to go to really understand this weakness.

4, confidant is unrequited devotion.

Vision is a practical man, but unfortunately unlucky cause of failure. Wife can not help, the snow had been friends for many years to be with him again from scratch, just as the same from scratch. Declared a comeback two years later, the house the car is returned, the family has restored the former abundant life. Not only do these two years, the snow made of ordinary friends, but also paid a special wisdom and gentle woman. This fact, such a confidante of snow, the declaration of happiness and success, that is, she wants return.

5, confidante usually very clever.

A woman wants in a man’s life eternal, or did his mother, or he will never get to do a “confidante.” After all, confidante contains a lot of things. Love is too short, too boring marriage, and only confidante was a long time. So, can a man be content to do the confidante of the woman is usually very open-minded and smart.

6, to meet the man’s vanity.

Some women naturally suited to be friends. They like easy relationship, like a man hated bondage. This is undoubtedly more friends to enjoy the type of man. So even if not so “friends”, and that men like women friends.

Wife or couples to enjoy outside the woman’s care and close to a large extent, can meet the man’s vanity.

7, can inspire men to become more tolerant and understanding.

For example, in pub drinking, a man can be gay porter lawsuit, one cup two regardless of a woman was not. The opposite sex can inspire men to become more tolerant and understanding, and willing. This is a gender identity, a strong favorite to take care of the weak.

So a woman has been caring for the men also satisfy male vanity, this is the confidante of the most fundamental thing, since the willing, can not get along how wonderful?

8, smart men can enjoy the “blessing of Qi.”

If the first confidante to do their own women, then met the same cute, even charming woman how to do? Possessive man so that he will not let this be not only hateful and illegal bigamy; there too erotic lover’s taste, it is better to do to find her friends. Turned into friendship, the love given to her, all sorts of love to his wife at home, out and confidante profound feelings.

Health poerkan
Weight loss Yemade

Online Women’s Magazine – the best friend of every woman

PAP Smear gone wrong
woman health
Image by DES Daughter
The United States Congress designated January as Cervical Health Awareness Month.

Image sources explosm and Pap smears horror stories, lipstickalley.

Our posts tagged cervical cancer, pap tests, screening. See more cartoons.

Women’s magazine is something that brings the best tips in maintaining the beauty and health to conquer the heart of other. Online women’s magazine can be said as the magical pot of secrets. Countless women at present are depending on online women’s magazine to bring out real beauty and charm in them.
None other in the world than woman grows with doubts in their life. A girls starts with doubt even before the time she gets matured. Doubts develop about maturing. After maturing comes the doubts related to menstruation. With the change in hormones, woman becomes so concerned about beauty and perfect maintenance of body. They search for the best ways to keep wrinkle free skin, pleasant body, pimple free face, attractive hair and more. The intention behind beauty and health maintenance is clear. It is for a simple and superb purpose; just to attract the boys. Online women’s magazine helps the girls or women to get the best in attires and styles to break the heart of the boys.
Marriage brings a lot of beautiful dreams, expectations along with doubts. How to make the partner happy in the first night, how to enjoy a tension free first night, what should do to please the partner and more runs to the mind of woman. Whom to ask; comes the smile of shyness to the face of woman. Here comes the importance of online women’s magazine. Just make a move towards your system. You can find several women’s magazine that brings you all the information from what you need from maturing to breast feeding.
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