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Improve Women’s Health

National Women’s Health Week 2014
woman health
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When we talk about health issues such as certain diseases and ways how to be healthy, women have different perspective than men. Women have their own choice of things in order to attain the health they want and some factors contributing to this are food, daily activities, clothing and even their way of life. Women are more conscious than men when it comes to health matter. In this article we will tackle some great and useful tips that will surely help every woman improves her health.

If women wish to improve her health, then there are many ways on how to do it. These tips are very useful and women will surely get benefited by applying one or two of these tips in her life as it will not only help improves her physical attributes but as well as her inner self. As we know, women are more alert and conscious when it comes to her needs than men so this information-packed article will be as easy as ABC for her to comply.

Here are the following tips every women should follow in order to have a healthier life.

– Right consumption of foods

Women have different need when it comes to the nutritional value of food intake compare to her opposite sex. Women need more vitamins and minerals and less fats and calories. Every woman should include more vitamin and mineral enriched foods as well as foods high in iron content. Iron is very important to every woman’s body as she has her menstruation and most of the time she lost a lot of blood because of heavy flow.

Women should also watch her food and fluid intake as alcohol and carbonated drinks can do bring her harm if taken without limitations.

– Diagnostic tests and regular check up

Women are prone to have diseases than men. Even a simple reproductive infection may lead to more serious complications if left undiagnosed and untreated. Women need to undergo Pap smear every year to make sure there are no cancer cells growing inside her uterus and ovary. Women also need to have breast examination and this can be easily done by her doctor or even by herself.

– Protected Sex

A woman who wishes to have a healthy life should know how to handle safe sex. Because of unprotected sex, acquiring STD and other serious complications and conditions such as AIDS and HIV are no longer as hard as you may think it is. When a woman is unprotected then this may result to unwanted pregnancy or she may end up acquiring some of these serious diseases that may put her life at risk.

It is imperative to have safe sex at all times. It is important to talk this serious matter with your doctor as to get yourself protected from acquiring diseases. This is an imperative way to get healthier and to improve one’s health.

– Exercise

There are now many kinds of jobs that require women to move and work hard like men. These jobs sometimes are the reasons why women tend to neglect themselves. Because of this matter, women are now at risk of having diseases such as weigh problems, heart diseases and even high blood pressure. Women whose jobs only let them sit around their chairs the whole day are more at risk than women whose jobs require them to travel around.

To help improve women’s health, a fifteen minute stroll in the park is beneficial.

Simply follow and apply these great ways on how to improve your health and you’d soon see great results on your well being in no time.

For more great information on how to improve women’s health, go to venerx and see how to improve your venerx and vitality in no time.

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Understanding Women’s Breast Health

woman health
Image by Ed Yourdon
Note: this photo was published in an Aug 5, 2008 NowPublic blog entitled "Waiting for iPhone 3g." It was also published in a Mar 25, 2010 Wikimedia Commons blog with the title "File:Sleeping-1-dot-jpg." It was also published in a Nov 8, 2008 blog titled "The Importance of Sleep to Teenagers." And it was published in a Jul 6, 2010 blog titled "Keep Dreaming, Kid: Rhode Island High School Tells Students to Sleep In." It was also published in a Sep 8, 2010 blog titled "Sleep less than 6 hours a night? Hello, diabetes…" And it was published ina Dec 21, 2010 blog titled "Not Just for Kids — the Surprising Health Issues of Midlife Women.."

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Moving into 2013, the photo was published in an undated (late Feb 2013) blog titled "I RIMEDI NATURALI PER LA PRESSIONE BASSA." It was also published in a Mar 5, 2013 blog titled "Gros dormeurs : le gouvernement vote le passage aux 25 heures," as well as a Mar 13, 2013 blog titled "Student health and effects of sleep deprivation: Best study habits include adequate sleep," as well as a Mar 26, 2013 blog titled "How to Help Your Teen Get a Good Night’s Sleep." And it was published in an Apr 8, 2013 blog titled "WHAT DO I DO IF I CAN’T GET ALONG WITH MY TRAVEL BUDDY?" It was also published in a May 25, 2013 blog titled "Feeling Sleep Deprived? Blame Facebook," as well as a Jul 29, 2013 blog titled "Nefarious NapStealers and the Importance of Sleep." And it was published in a Sep 5, 2013 blog titled "Should High Schools Have Later Start Times?"


Silly me: after the iPhone 3g had been out for a full week, I thought I could stroll right into the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue & 59th Street in mid-town Manhattan, and simply buy one without any muss, fuss, bother, or delay.

But when I arrived at 11 AM, I found a line of approximately 150 people waiting outside in the broiling sun, not seeming to move forward at all; it turned out that the Apple store "concierge" folks were letting them in in groups of ten, when the previous ten had been taken care of. When I asked the woman how long she had been waiting, she said, "Four hours" — she had arrived at 7 AM, having already determined that the AT&T stores were sold out throughout New Jersey and Connecticut.

Well, I’m a gadget freak and a Mac fan, but there’s a limit to my passion for such things; four hours was just too much. So instead, I decided to take a bunch of pictures of the people who were in the line. Of course, I have no idea whethere the people queued up in front of Apple stores in other cities (or at other stores here in NYC) are similar to this group … but I’m inclined to think that they are. And if that’s true, then the demographics of this group — in terms of age, gender, nationality, ethnic groups, etc. — is particularly intriguing. I saw only one guy dressed in a corporate uniform of suit and tie; Apple may be trying to break into the "enterprise" market, but that’s not who was standing in line for all those hours in the sun…

Cancer of a woman’s breast has the negative distinction of being the highest incident rate of cancer amongst women. Therefore, it is imperative that women’s breast health incorporate the following components to reduce the risk or early detection of breast cancer. Those important components include regular mammograms, breast exams by a professional and breast exams conducted by the woman herself.


An important part of the women’s breast health strategy that can aid in the possible early detection of breast cancer is mammograms. Mammograms are soft tissue examinations that are performed using x-ray technology. Through mammography, films are taken of the breasts and examined by radiologists for any abnormalities. If no abnormalities are found in the exam it is labeled as negative which means that there were no abnormal findings.

Women’s breast health care suggests that women, who are between the ages of 20 and 39, should receive a mammogram every three years. Those women who are 40 years of age or older should have an annual mammogram conducted.

Professional Breast Exams

In addition to having regularly scheduled mammograms, as part of the women’s breast health care plan, women should have their breasts examined by their doctor on a regular basis. The doctor will simply conduct a physical exam of the breasts with the purpose being to detect any possible abnormal growths within the glands.

Professional breast exams should be conducted by a physician once every three years. This recommended length of time is part of the women’s breast health strategy for women who are from the ages of 20 to 39. Those women who are 40 years old and over should have this type of exam conducted yearly.


Probably the most important exam conducted as part of the women’s breast health program is self exams. This type of exam puts the responsibility squarely upon the woman’s shoulders and makes her accountable for the health of her breasts.

There are many techniques that can be performed as part of the self examination of the breast. As part of your learning curve, it would be appropriate to talk with your personal physician and learn about self examination. Critical information, in women’s breast health, is knowing the different feel between possible growths and the feel of normal breast tissue.

One of the easiest methods of breast examination is by simply looking at your breasts. While standing in front of a mirror, with the upper part of your body exposed, clasp both of your hands behind your head. Women’s breast health will visually looking for any changes in the shape or dimensions of the breasts. In addition, the self examining woman should check for any indentations of the skin or inverted nipples. Another indication to watch out for is any crusting or rashes of the breast and/or nipples.

One other self exam that can be conducted as part of a women’s breast health effort is the actual feeling of the breasts. Two specific methods that can be utilized are the circular method and the grid method.

The circular method utilizes the hand that is opposite of the breast that is to be examined. The starting point for this exam is at the very top of the breast being examined. Using the first three fingers of your hand press gently and begin to move the fingers in a circular motion around your breast. This process should examine the entire top half of the breast and work towards the nipple. Using this technique all portions of the breast should be examined. The second breast should be examined in the same manner.

The technique of the grid method, as part of the women’s breast health examination, has its starting point near the breast bone. Utilizing your fingertips examine the entire area of the breast by moving the fingers from the top part of the breast downward. The exam will be completed once the entire breast has been examined using this method.

Additional Instructions

There are certain times of the month that breast examinations should not be conducted. Those times are two to three days following your menstruation cycle. Other areas of examination, as part of the women’s breast health care, should include the upper portion of your breast near the armpit. In addition, it is important to feel the armpit area as well to detect any swelling of the lymph nodes.

One additional area to check for lymph node swelling is the area situated just above the collarbone or clavicle. If you detect any abnormalities or areas of concern it is important that you see your attending physician immediately.

Eddie Lamb publishes an abundance of information on a range of topical subjects. This article Understanding Women’s Breast Health, is just one of a host of useful articles about Womens Health listed on our site map at Womens Health Prognosis.

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The Best Skin Care Products Or Why I Love Being A Woman!

National Women’s Health Week 2014
woman health
Image by DES Daughter
Engage in Safe Behaviours

Join the 2014 National Women’s Health Week celebration. Learn more about how you can be a well woman. Spread the word through your networks. Join or organize women’s health Meetups.

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Why is it important for women to participate in this effort?
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National Women’s Health Week Infographics.
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Skin Care Products – One of my favorite things about being a woman is my smooth, soft skin, I feel beautiful and confident but that was not always the case, especially since I have started to get older. What was once soft and supple was now aging… rapidly! I noticed laugh lines and wrinkles. I, no longer felt beautiful. When you look good, you are more confident, in your home, on your job, and in your everyday life.

When you are pretty, people remember you, people pay more attention to you and you get more out of the day to day contact you have with others. When you get older you loose that feeling, you are lost, but you can get that feeling back. There are fantastic skin care products available to make a woman feel good again about being a woman. You can make your skin your favorite thing about being a woman.

The best skin care products make you look younger and your skin is clear and smooth again. There are lots of incredible anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products on the market. The anti aging skin care treatments can give you back the look that you had when you were much younger by removing wrinkles, sagging skin, brown spots, dark circles around the eye area. Anti aging skin care products were formulated to repair the condition of your skin and make you more confident.

The question most women are asking is how they can get younger, smoother skin. What are the best skin care products, which anti aging skin care products are better, are there natural skin care products that will do the same job as the other anti aging skin care products.

One of the best skin care products is the Peter Thomas Roth skin care products. The Peter Thomas Roth skin care products use an advanced formula to cure several skin conditions. Roth’s collection of therapeutic anti aging skin care products include cleaners, serums, exfoliants and treatments that address the different skin problems brought on by aging. This system reached many women with skin care treatments.

Another one of the best skin care product is Noevir’s BlancNew Reset W, it works to lighten and brightening you skin without the use of chemicals. BlancNew Reset targets skin with age spots, freckles and discoloration and is one of the natural skin care products. The light emulsion absorbs into the skin quickly to help lighten your discolored skin. Special botanicals, such as gardenia extract, rice bran extracts and mushroom extract work to create beautiful, spot free complexions. This is one of the most wonderful anti aging skin care products on the market.

Another wonderful skin care products, 505 Line Set Anti aging skin care treatment gives you the power to stop time by using the preventative natural skin care products and herbal extracts. Which means it stops visible aging before it even starts.

The last of our great list of the best skin care products is a new line in the many anti aging skin care treatments. It is called Revitalizer NT and is proven to provide you with a younger and more supple appearance by getting rid of deep wrinkles and expression lines. It is formulated to stop crow’s feet and laugh lines caused by natural aging. This high performance anti aging skin care treatment offers you your smile without the lines.

If you are like me, looking young and beautiful, and finding the best skin care products available to keep me that way, then you would know why my favorite thing is being a woman.

Tess Barksdale is the every woman, Mother, Daughter, Wife, Author, and Businesswoman. One of Tess’ first loves is womens health and womens issues . For more on womens health visit or visit Tess’ blog at

Oral Sex is Good for a Woman’s Health!

Oral sex is good for women’s health and makes a woman happier, according to a study which studied the effects of semen’s ‘mood-altering chemicals’.

The research claims that seminal fluid contains chemicals that elevates mood, increases affection, induces sleep and also contains at least three anti-depressants. The researchers also claim that women who have regular unprotected sex are less depressed and perform better on cognitive tests.

To investigate whether semen has antidepressant effects, the authors rounded up 293 college females from the university’s Albany campus, who agreed to fill out an anonymous questionnaire about various aspects of their sex lives. Each participant also completed the Beck Depression Inventory, a commonly used clinical measure of depressive symptoms.

The most significant findings from this study, published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, were that, even after adjusting for frequency of sexual intercourse, women who engaged in sex and ‘never’ used condoms showed significantly fewer depressive symptoms than did those who ‘usually’ or ‘always’ used condoms.

Importantly, these chronically condom-less, sexually active women also evidenced fewer depressive symptoms than did those who abstained from sex altogether.

The research suggests it is not just that women who are having sex are simply happier, but that happiness levels might be related to the quantity of semen within their body.
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The Relationship Between Women’s Health And Hysterectomies

Image from page 437 of “Plain home talk about the human system–the habits of men and women–the cause and prevention of disease–our sexual relations and social natures” (1896)
woman health
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: plainhometalkabo00foot
Title: Plain home talk about the human system–the habits of men and women–the cause and prevention of disease–our sexual relations and social natures
Year: 1896 (1890s)
Authors: Foote. Edward B[liss], 1829-1906. [from old catalog]
Subjects: Medicine, Popular Marriage
Publisher: New York : Murray Hill publishing company [etc., etc.]
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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Text Appearing Before Image:
nd it is by this ar-rangement that the whites of theeyes in health preserve their clear-ness, and the lenses are enrichedby colorless blood, for otherwisethe vision would be obstructed byspecks, spots, patches, etc., even inhealth. With the foregoing brief descrip-tion of some of the mechanical ar-rangements of the eyes, it may bereadily seen how inflammation orany undue pressure of blood uponthe organs of vision and their immediate surroundings, will interferewith the proper performance of their functions. When inflamed,red, feverish corpuscles enter the veins; they redden the sclerotic orwhite of the eye; they distend the veins of the eyelids and liningsof the sockets; they vitiate the secretions of the lachrymal glands,or reservoirs over the eyes, making them scalding in their properties;they dry up or make gluey the oily secretions of the glands along theedges of the eyelids, and also those which keep the eyelashes frombecoming matted or stuck together. When all these derangements

Text Appearing After Image:
OPHTIIALMY. CHRONIC SORE EYES. 425 take place a person lias what are commonly called sore eyes, andtechnically, ophthalmy. When the difficulty survives the immediatecause which precipitated it, whether that immediate cause he coldor catarrh, or something getting into the eye, or local infection, orcontusion, or, if it comes on gradually without any known immediatecause, it may be called chronic sore eyes, or chronic ophthalmy. Sore eyes induced by a ccld may simply present an inflamed andswollen appearance, with a profusion of water, and sensitiveness tolight; induced by catarrh, similar symptoms with an exudation ofunwholesome mucus; induced by something entering the eye, sore-ness, and sometimes great pain attended with an excessive flow ofthe lachrymal fluid; induced by contusion, similar symptoms tothose just described; but when induced by infection such as leucor-rhceal or gonorrheal or syphilitic matter, or perpetuated by scrofulousor syphilitic impurities in the blood, the disc

Note About Images
Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.

A radical surgery that is sometimes performed on women who have uterine fibroids, endometriosis, cancer of the reproductive organs, pelvic adhesions, or heavy bleeding is a hysterectomy. Hyster is the Greek word for womb and ectomy means removal, therefore a hysterectomy is the removal of the womb.

Women’s health and hysterectomies are intrinsically linked together. Not only are there the physical ramifications involved with the need for hysterectomy, but when the hysterectomy is performed there are certain issues that need to be addressed in maintaining a woman’s physical health. One of those issues would be the replacement of female hormones.

In addition, women’s health and hysterectomies would also need to address the emotional and mental responses to the loss of the woman’s reproductive system. In learning about the relationship between women’s health and hysterectomies it is important to know what is a hysterectomy, the variations of hysterectomies and the possible associated health affects following the procedure.

What is a Hysterectomy?

A hysterectomy is a surgical procedure that removes the womb or uterus of a woman. The uterus is the female organ that nourishes and protects the fetus.

In addition, depending upon the extent of the medical condition of the female, other organs of the female reproductive system may need to be removed. These other organs may include the woman’s cervix, ovaries and fallopian tubes.

It is important to note that once a hysterectomy has been performed, the ability of the woman to conceive a child is impossible. Women’s health and hysterectomies are, unfortunately, connected in that this is one of the most common medical operations performed. In some countries is estimated that one out of three women, who are 60 years of age or older, will have had the surgical procedure.

Types Of Hysterectomies

There are many variations of hysterectomies that can be performed. The recommendation of the surgeon as to which course of action to take, when considering women’s health and hysterectomies, is dependent upon the individual woman’s condition.

The various types of hysterectomies include a total hysterectomy which is the complete removal of the uterus and cervix. A sub total hysterectomy is the removal of the upper part of the uterus. A radical hysterectomy is the complete removal of the uterus, cervix, upper portion of the vagina and pelvic lymph nodes.

Health Effects

An important consideration regarding women’s health and hysterectomies is the care needed and required following the surgical procedure. Depending upon which procedure has been performed; recovery time may be as little as two to four day stay in the hospital followed by a two to three week recovery period with limited activity. Full recovery should be realized around the two month timeframe following surgery.

Also, when considering women’s health and hysterectomies, it is important to note that there may be difficulties experienced following this surgery. Those complications may include urinary difficulties, general malaise accompanied with vomiting, infection and bleeding. Thus, it is important for women to take care of themselves during such a time.

Eddie Lamb publishes an abundance of information on a range of topical subjects. This article The Relationship Between Women’s Health And Hysterectomies, is just one of a host of useful articles about Womens Health listed on our site map at Womens Health Prognosis.

Gynecologist and women health

Soray gets a check up at a local medical health clinic
woman health
Image by World Bank Photo Collection
10 May 2012, Tajikhan Village, Jabalseraj District Parwan Province, Afghanistan : Twenty two year old Soraya is checked by Muzhda, a mid wife at the Sar-e-Hause medical health clinic. "We had fireworks every day." she says..The clinic is funded by the Strengthening Health Activities for Rural Poor Project (SHARP). SHARP aims to improve the health and nutrition status of Afghans, focusing especially on women and children and the underserved areas of the country. Already remarkable progress has been made in the reduction of infant and under five mortality as well as pregnancy related mortality. With World Bank support in 11 provinces the number of health clinics has nearly tripled from 148 to 432 and about 85% of the population now lives in districts which now have service providers to deliver a basic package of health service. The project supports Afghanistan’s Health and Nutrition Sector Strategy which is the governments blueprint for the health sector program for the period 2008-13. Photo: Graham Crouch / World Bank

Photo ID: 100512_Parwan Health Clinic_SHARP_016

Doctors living angles
Doctors are the living angels. They give their whole life to serve people. They studied hard day and night to achieve their degree. Doctors deal with different branches of problems of human beings. Gynecology is the branch that deals with the woman problems. Gynecology is a very old branch of medicine dated back to about 1800 B.C. Still this branch is working and introducing more and more new technologies to cure woman suffering from many different gynecological problems.
Gynecologist has miracle power
Every woman should visit her gynecologist annually. A gynecologist is a doctor especially for women. They deal with all the gynecological problems of woman such as pregnancy, contraceptives, pelvic problems, reproductive system, and breast cancer etc.
A professional degree of gynecologist
When gynecologists step toward their profession they have to complete the post graduate diploma in Obs & Gyn. After that they can do more specializations in their field.
A woman has to deal with gynecological problems starting from the early age of 12 or 13 when she starts with her menstruation cycle then traveling through various states of her life may get pregnant, deliver children and a time comes when she goes through menopause.
Sometimes, woman have to visit the gynecologist for other reason such as infertility, pelvic problems, cervical problems, cancerous cyst in uterus and many more.
Importance of gynecologist
Gynecologist are very important. Every woman should have an annual visit with her gynecologist. Still in many countries society does not consider gynecology an important factor, but they are ignorant with the importance of gynecologist. Here are some of the times when gynecologists are very important such as:
* Pregnancy
* Vaginal abnormalities
* Abnormal Menstrual Cycles
* Sex/Fertility
* Menopause

Why it is important to have a gynecologist?
It is very important to have a gynecologist because:
* Gynecologist understand women
* Gynecologist can suggest healthy diet changes
* Gynecologist specialize in gynecological problems
* Gynecologist specialize in healthy pregnancy and delivery of your children
* Gynecologist understands the changing bodies of women and may suggest a diet plan appropriate with a women’s life cycle.
When woman have to visit a gynecologist?
Many women dread going to the gynecologist. Many women only see the gynecologist when they are experiencing gynecological problems such as these:
* Pubirty/Menstration.
* Irregular menstrual cycle
* Unusual bleeding or pain associated with her menstrual period
* If a woman has heavy periods, the gynecologist may suggest a new procedure called nova sure.
* Pregnancy
* Annual Well Woman exams
* If a woman has abnormal pelvic pain
* Abnormal discharge
* If woman has breast pain
* A woman can visit her gynecologist for advice on her changing body and a diet plan.
* Menopause
Gynecologists add to the overall benefits of women’s health.

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